Saturday, December 3, 2011


I got through a spell every now and then when I just feel the need to fill you in on all my deep personal things.  Not so long ago I was struggling with the old me and almost gave up and walked away from God all together.  I have turned back to God but still struggle.  I have my good days and I have my bad days, I guess this is the same for everyone.  We are have something that was struggle with and have a hard time moving past.  When I started this journey my goal was to be heterosexual a "normal man" I have since realized that is the farthest thing in the world I should be moving towards.  I would watch these guys at work and they would be checking out the ladies and making very crude comments about them.  This is what I thought I should be working toward, well somewhat.  God has since opened my eyes and made known to me this is not His way for me, this is not how He wants us to act.  I may very well one day married with children but only is that is God's plan.  He made me the person I am for a reason.  My goal is not heterosexuality but Godliness.  I may struggle with this for rest of my life if that is Gods plan, and if that is Gods plan and there is a reason for it I am ok with that.  I try to hang onto certain things from my past to make it easier but in true life all I am doing is making life harder.  Why is it I use to surrender to God 110% but now I have things I want to hang onto and not give God that 110%?  I believe it's selfishness on my part.  I know in my heart that when and ONLY when I surrender 110% again will life be the way it should be.  That does not mean I wont have bad days but it does mean all these things I hold onto that make the bad days worse wont be there. 

I hear time and time again from people that I am trying to hide the way I am and a tiger can't change his stripes.  Well I tell you that I know more about who I am now that I am who I am in God than I have ever known before.  I can tell you this about the lifestyle I used to live homosexual men are 8X more likely to have a drug or alcohol addiction.  They are more likely to live a life in an abusive relationship, if that be physical or emotional, and die 8-20 years earlier than that of a person not given into the lifestyle.  Does this really make you think that people are born this way?  That people are born to live a life that can be that painful?  More times than not people that are living this lifestyle have had some kind of traumatic experience in their childhood.  Many many have been molested and or abused in some other way.  This is what makes a person give into the lifestyle not that they were born this way.  When a young child is molested it messes up things in their mind in a way that is not easily explained.  This does not mean that every child that is molested will live this lifestyle by any means.  This is however one of the reasons people do live this lifestyle though.  There is hope in all the pain and all the confusion.  God is here to free us from that to help walk with us, to take the burden on His shoulders.
Matthew 11:30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.
1Peter 5:7 Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.
Matthew 7:13 Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:

In closing, being free might not be not struggling at all but might mean having Someone to turn to.  Being free may mean not giving up even though you struggle.  Even if being free does not mean I loose my same sex attraction all together I am ok with that because it must be Gods plan.  The things I go through I know He will use to further His kingdom and I am ok with that I am more than ok with that!  If I need to have some hard days so someone else can see the power of God and find an eternity in Heaven than I am more than ok with having some bad days.  Because I know that in those days He will carry me, I will never walk alone and it will always be worth it.  God Bless all of you!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

New Rovings

Stonehedge Fiber Mill sent back 2 of my rovings today. 
This is a blend from a Double Coated Shetland Ewe Lamb and a Suri llama.  I currently have this on my wheel.  I am really enjoying spinning it.  Would over dye easily if you liked but is a light creamy white natural color. $2.50 an ounce
This oh so soft roving is a blend of Morrit Shetland, Red kid mohair and Chocolate Angora!  Very soft and I can't wait to get some of this on my wheel, had it been on top of the box I would have spun it first.  These rovings have a little more VM in them than I like due to my hay feeding situation last winter but comes out easy while spinning and does not take away from the spinning enjoyment at all, is priced accordingly.  $3.50 an ounce.  email me at  God Bless! Dustin

Friday, November 25, 2011

Makin Soap

Its been forever since I have posted anything!  My computer got bugs and I have been super busy with all the critters, work and church events.  I finally got the computer fixed and tonight I took some time and made soap and thought I would share some pics with you.  The first step is to melt the lard down
This lard is from a hog we butchered last winter.  My Uncle took the lard home to make cracklins and render the lard.  They got the cracklins I got the lard for soap making.
Step two is mixing the lye and goat milk.  After mixing it turns this golden color and gets very hot.  I learned that freezing your goat milk first helps to keep it form separating and helps cool it down a lot faster.
I forgot to get a pic of step three, which was to mix the Baby Oatmeal, Borax, and Glycerin in a separate bowl.  Then picture above is step four mixing all ingredients together.  This is also where I add any Essential Oils for scent, this batch I used a blend called Strawberry Patch. 
Lastly I pour my soap into molds.  This batch make 16 very good size bars plus 2 cupcake size bars.  I will cover this let it set over night then take out of molds and place on a shelf to dry for at least a month before its ready to use.  Hope you enjoyed my soap making tonight!  God Bless

Friday, October 21, 2011

Giant Angora Babies.

Litter of Giant Angoras born last night.  Out of Dusty's Jael and Bluewood Bunnies Black Ice.  Both parents out amazingly nice wool so I have big hopes for these little ones.  3 REWs and 5 Blacks God Bless hope your all doing well and looking forward to seeing some of you at convention. 

Friday, September 23, 2011

How Stella got her groove back!

We have been thinking about getting an LGD to watch over the sheep since I am to trusting in the llamas ability to keep coyotes and dogs out.  I was going to look at some pups on Tuesday but found an Anatolian Shepard a lady was giving away.  God always provides just in time!  So this is Stella our new guard dog, right now she is not allowed to be out with stock alone I took her out today on a line so I could keep her with me.  She was so strong I had to wrap the line around me to keep her from pulling it out of my hand.  She is defiantly happier out in the field with the flock than she is in in the barn alone.   She is very playful which is why the lady wanted to find her a new home.  Once the puppy stage is over and she learns not to play so much she should be fine.  Until then though she will just get supervised visits, so this is how Stella gets her groove back.  She is only 10 months old and HUGE!  Hope you enjoy the pics!  God Bless

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bailey and Bruno

Well I said I would try to post pics of some of my black Giants but I have not seemed to take any pictures yet.  I did however get some pics of my Boxers Bailey and Bruno.  Bruno has not been on the blog before that I can remember.  He is a full brother to Bailey but from a different litter.  The lady never had his tail docked so he is all natural so to speak.  Other than him going to see the vet Friday to be neutered.

Bruno loves his toys and will pull almost everyone out of the box to play.  He plays with toys more than Moses and Bailey combined.

As you can see he sure does love his sister!  She loves him to unless there is food involved LOL.  All 3 of my kids (dogs) have middle names.  Moses Matthew after my little brother Matthew Charles.  Bailey Marie just cause the way I liked the way it sounded.  Bruno is named after my mom her middle name is Dawn so I named him Bruno Donly.  Hope you enjoyed the pics God Bless!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ewe Pictures and a llama

It is incredibly nice out today and the sheep have been out grazing so I thought I would take pics of a couple to share with all of you.  When its really hot the sheep tend to lounge out under the trees and go out to graze late when the sun is going down.
Martha one of my first Shetland Ewes she is a moorit.
The black ewe on the left is 3/4 BL and 1/4 BFL She is from the same farm as my Finn crosses and Cormo crosses but I was not so sure at first about the BL, once I seen them after they got a little bigger I really liked them.  The ewe on the right is a Shetland Finn cross she has a wonderful fleece growing in!
This is Victory she is the first lamb born here on the farm.  A moorit Shetland out of Martha who will be staying here.
This is one of Dad's Cormo cross ewes, I still have her lamb fleece in the work room to get washed and figure out what I want to do with.
2 more of Dad's ewes not totally sure what the big ewe is and the lamb which is hers is 1/2 Cormo.  I am pretty sure Dad has more sheep than I do.  Once I got my Shetland he got bit by the bug and wanted some bigger sheep to raise.  I was ok with that as long as they had nice fleeces of course, not that I really had any say but hey if I get some nice wool out of it it sounds good!  He also got his way on the new ram, will be picking up a 3/4 Cormo ram lamb for this falls breeding.
The ewe in the middle is the Cormo cross ewe from a couple pictures ago.  The 2 lambs on each side of her are my Cormo Finn cross ewe lambs.  Not sure which is which but we have Miss Daisey and Rosie.
Of course I could not end this post without adding my favorite guard llama, Gama.  I have wanted a llama for as long as I could remember and have always said his name would be Gama.  I might have been 27 by the time I got him but the Lord blessed!  If this nice weather continues I will have to pull out some rabbits form my black Giant project to show you all as well.  God Bless! Dustin

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ashley and Mona

My niece is over tonight and wanted to help milk the goats, she did very well for a first time milker.  Afterwards she wanted to take Mona for a walk.
I am in the process of drying Mona off which is going to be long process.  Joyce warned me she was hard to dry off last year, before I started.  I have been milking her once a day for 2 weeks now and soon will start milking ever other day.  Plans for that this week we hope will have to wait and see how her production is in a couple of days.  Once Mona goes to every other day milking Rachel is going to twice a day.  Rachel is doing very well and is giving quite a bit more milk now than when I first got her.  I am hoping to breed Mona next month for Feb kids.  I was going to breed her to another Togg but found a lady very close with a full blood Boer and a Kiko, once I get a chance to see them I will pick which buck to breed her to.   God Bless Dustin

Saturday, July 23, 2011


This morning Joyce and I made a trip up to see Lisa and her daughter Hallie Thyr and I picked up a new Alpine Dairy goat.  This way I can stagger my breeding and have fresh milk year round.  Dad's small truck in broke right now and its been so hot to haul her home in the back of a truck in the sun and I really did not want to pull an 18ft goose neck trailer up there for one goat, so this is how she made the ride.
In the back of my SUV LOL  Here are a couple more pics of her once I got her in the barn.

So now I am either going to have to find me a buck to breed them to or find a closer breeder.  The lady that is going to breed Mona for me this fall is quite a drive, but I  really want some Toggenburg babies so will be worth the drive.  Dad is not a goat a fan at ALL but the good Lord blessed and I was able to get up there and get her in the barn without him knowing yet.  So maybe I will safe for a little longer.  You really never know what your going to see when it comes to me huh?  God Bless Dustin!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Mill Spun Yarn

My new yarn came back from Stonehedge Fiber Mill today.  I was so worried about how this would come back, I dyed the wool 2 shades of pink, violet, and periwinkle.  Must have done something right because it looks great!  I have to say I love my mill they have super fast turn around time and always do a great job.  This is Dorset cross lambs wool I got from a neighbor lady after I sheared her 2 lambs.  I had it spun worsted weight and in 250 yarn skeins.  These are for sale for $14 a skein email me at if interested.  Here are a couple pics I took out in the natural light.  God Bless!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

My findings.... His truth!

Back in April I posted about somethings that have been going on in life and things I have been struggling with.  I was on a mission to find His truth because I was torn in two and life was not going so well.  Well since then life has been crazy in many many ways.  I have done some stupid things but they reminded me of why I left those things to begin with.  I wanted to be sure to share with all you who read my blog about my findings, I couldn't just leave you wondering what has happened.  The big topic of my other post was my sexuality and how it felt to be someone going through such things.  I was unsure if it really was a sin if it really was something Christians should try to turn them selves away from.  Or if it was part of God's plan for us and was perfectly ok, the same a man and wife.  Well I can tell you without a doubt now that I know it is not the way God meant for us to live our lives.  He designed the world in a far better way.   I have been to a Gay Ministry meeting and spent many many hours searching websites and comparing them to what my Bible says and to the Strongs Concordance.  I have talked with two separate Pastors about this, and at one point I thought I knew it was ok and God had made me this way.  It did not take long before I seen how wrong I was.  I almost walked away from my Church altogether.  It's easier to try and justify it than do whats right and turn away from it.   So I would like to go through a verse and see what it means.

  Romans 1:27   And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.

This is more than likely one of the first verses most people come to when talking about homosexuality.  God made man and woman to work together just the way he made male and female animals.  It is natural for a male and female dove to be together and bring forth life.  The same way it is natural for a man and woman to be together.  If I was to leave the natural use of the woman that would mean I was leaving God's plan for my life.  There are more scriptures in the Bible about this but I will only cover this one for now.  If anyone wants to know more about the others feel free to contact me any time.

Now we can say Paul wrote this section of the Bible but Christ never spoke against this sin in all his teachings and Paul was only a follower of Christ.  Well Jesus Himself did not write the Bible, God moved people to write and they wrote what He lead them to write.  So if we are going to go that route than ALL of the Bible is fake because Jesus never wrote any of it with His hands His disciples wrote the New Testament and Profits wrote the old.  If we try to pick out what parts we don't like then HOLE Bible is lost. 

So if this is against God's plan why are there so many people out there who struggle with it? Were people really born feeling this way?  Satan uses anything he can to attack us and pull us away from God.  He is using this sin just the same as he uses any other sin to keep us from Christ and finding Eternal life and rest in God our Father.  Every single person on this earth has a sin or many sins that they have to fight on a daily basis.  This is the same exact thing, satan trying to pull us down.  I do not believe that or rather should I say I know that people are not born this way.  So why do people feel this way?  Well I believe there are several reasons.  If people are molested or have a traumatic experience, grow up with out a father or mother.  All this things can lead to some one having these desires.  The same way that a drug addict is not born a drug addict.  Something happens in that persons life and they turn to drugs and then get hooked.  This is the same thing and just like drugs or drinking we need to turn to God and find His strength to turn away from it.  This is just a quick update and I can give more insight on the subject if anyone would like to know more.  My email is Now all this being said I still feel that is not ok to act as though gay men and women are less then any other person.  We are all sinners who need God to free us from our sin.  We are all created equal!   Instead we should love them to Jesus and help them find eternal life and rest of a weary soul.  God Bless Dustin

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Work Room

We have been very busy the past 2 days cleaning up the "catch all room" and switching it and my bed room.  My bed room was bigger so we traded rooms to have be able to fit everything neatly and still have some place for me to work on all my wool stuff.  I am very pleased with the results!  I have a much smaller room but all my fiber stuff is in other room all set up.  Other than I my wheel which is still in my room since I borrowed my friend Joyce's  loom to see if I like it.  Here are a couple pics from the work room.

This is my work table with all my knitting books, yarns, some of my personal spinning fiber. dyes and all that good stuff.  On the table are some Mohair locks I am going to wash and dye.  The totes underneath are full of Angora and alpaca.
My drum carder which is beside the big table.  Also sitting on this table is my last batch of Goat Milk Soap I made.  Will be ready for use in another month.
Another view of my work table.  My TV and everything is beside it as well.  On the other side of the room is a shelf with dyed wool on it drying and bags of raw fleeces I need to get washed.   There is also a spare bed in this room.  No mattress on it yet so I have another box of wool, mostly llama, and a yet another tote full of alpaca.  My goal before shearing in the spring is to get everything I have either carded in batts or roving or have spun we will see what happens.  I have wool off at 2 mills right now and more to go out soon.  Not seen in these pics are still 2 Rubbermaid storage units on wheels with my needles and more spinning wool.  I think I am a hoarder!  In my defense they are both small units though LOL God Bless!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Busy weekend

This weekend was the Hoosier Hills Fiber Fest.  Since I joined the Indiana Fiber Producers Association I went to help with that booth.  It was HOT for sure but Saturday was the worst.  Had a really good time but of course forgot to take pictures I did take my camera but never got it outta the car.  I ended up trading a Choc Giant cross buck for a French Angora doe.  The only French in the barn, and the only reason she is in the barn is because her color is fantastic!  I am really not sure what color she is and will try to post pics later.  I forgot to get them while I was out taking pics of the lambs.  I traded some yarns for some llama fiber, picked up a lap loom, and a drop spindle.  I have 2 ladies wanting to learn to use a spindle so now I can teach them easily.  Pam K has bought a Border/BFL lamb from the lady I got my Finn and Cormo crosses from.  She while I was helping her get her lamb I ended up buying another Finn Cormo cross ewe lamb.  Since I was in my SUV I had to put her in my back hatch.  It didn't take long as she was over the back seat then over the front and in the floor board in the passenger side.   The people working the drive through at Hardee's got quite a kick out of her.  Since I had to hauler her around in such a way I think I will name her Miss Daisy.  Like Driving Miss Daisy LOL.  Here is  a pic of her.  She is eating a blade of grass is why she looks so funny she really is not deformed or anything. 

 Dad mowed the pasture yesterday while I was out playing so now when you go out you can see the sheep so I got some updated pics of my lambs.
This is Truth black lamb in front and Victory who turned into a Moorit THANK YOU JESUS!!  The ewe behind them is their mother they are nearly as big as she is now.  She also gave me my favorite fleece fleece this year, I just got it washed.  My plans were to keep Truth for a ram but Dad really wants to buy a Cormo ram, and how do I argue with that?  Have you ever felt a Cormo's fleece?

Dorthy still not sold on her fleece will have to wait and see.  Ewe lambs wont be bred this fall so we got lots of time to see which way she goes. 
This little guy does not have a name because I know he wont be staying here. Him, Truth and Victory are always out.  Here is in the pasture with the horse and 2 steers.  God Bless and try and keep cool!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Llamas done!

I was finally able to shear the llamas this morning, when I was shearing my sheep my blades went dull then I had issues getting new blades.  Once the blades finally came in I was working or it was raining!  We got today off, and there was no rain so llamas got a new do.  Nessie and Velma do not appear to have ever been clipped before so had nasty matted wool and that I had to throw away.  Gama I clipped late last summer so had a shorter stable of about 4 inches.  The girls look like new animals and I am surprised how much smaller Nessie was than I thought, both girls were also very easy to shear while Gama was a pain.  He would try to cush so I put a saddle cinch under him then he would try to jump out of my make shift shoot, which he was unable to do.  I was able to finally get him done without any injuries to anyone thank God, but what a sissy!  Here a couple pics of them all cleaned up.

 Gama my big sissy boy
Nessie did not want me anywhere around her after wards.
Velma, who under all the matts had some of the nicest wool!  If her wool is that soft next year she will clearly be my favorite for wool.  She is also the most laid back but does not make much of a guard llama.
I tried to get new pics of the lambs but they were not having it today.  The little lamb in front was the last lamb born his mother is in the right hand corner Chi Chi.  He is unnamed because there is not chance he will be staying.   The white and black ewe lamb in the back is Dorthy my favorite this year.  She is very flashy and well built.  I dont think she will be a single coated Shetland like I want but we will keep her for a year or so and see what kinda fleece will have, and since this is my first year with Shetlands I could be wrong.  Her wool looks more like other 2 lambs who are single coated but is much curlier.
This very dark little boy is Truth.  He will be staying around as a ram for future breeding.  Single coated and nice build.  Dorthy is in the back nursing from her mom Mary.  Haha Mary had a little lamb!  Couldn't help myself LOL  God Bless Dustin

Friday, April 22, 2011

Lamb Pics

Last Friday while I was out at the Greencastle Fiber Event Martha had her set of twins a Ram and a Ewe lamb.  I posted pics on facebook last weekned so its about time I posted theme her for all my faithful blog followers.

 Proud mother Martha with ewe lamb in the middle and ram lamb leading the way.  My goats Mona and Billy are in the back ground.

 At first they both looked black but now the ewe lamb is looking more brown so maybe she will be moorit like her mom.  The ewe is named Victory and ram Truth.  As you can see Victory is about half the size of Truth which had us worried at first but she is doing great is active and eats like a little pig.
 Here is my llama Gama getting his Good Friday breakfast.  I pray all of you remember what the meaning of this weekend is.  Without Easter Sunday we would be still separated from God and making sacrifices like in the Old Testament.  I think we loose sight from time to time what He really did for us and what He really went through.  I took a class in Church that taught what Christ went through so we could get a free ticket to Heaven.  It's is amazing to know we have Savior that loves us that much even after what happened to him.  Can you imagine being beat with a scourge (a whip with pieces of glass, porcelain, and bone made into the end to tear and rip the skin and flesh away), mocked, spit on, had His beard pulled out, and yet after all this hung on a cross to the point of death, but the glorious part is death only lasted 3 days and He arose  again to defeat death and satan.  All this so you and we can find rest and eternal peace.  What a beautiful Savior we serve thank You Jesus for all the blessing in our lives!  God Bless Dustin 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

How it feels to be one of us.......

So here I go again living my personal life out load for everyone to see.  Why do I do this?  Several reasons really, but here are a few of them.  I know without a doubt that everything we go through is form God and is for a reason.  I hope that my trials in life will help one you reading this or help someone you know.  It helps me to think through things when I get it all put down and out in the open.  Most of all somehow I believe this will bring glory to God and show His love for His people.  This subject will completely NEUTRAL I will neither condone nor condemn.  I do not wish to change anyone's theology, I wish to change the way some people approach this subject.  I do not need sympathy from anyone because of this I simply hope it helps someone out there and its all for a reason.  God has blessed my life in many more ways than ANY one person deserves.  It is unreal the things God has done in my life and given me in my life so please remember that while reading through this.

As most of you know I was saved in Aug of 07 and my life totally changed.  I have preached against homosexuality both on here and in church.  However that does not mean that my struggles have gone away that does not mean that I do not still desire these things.  At this point in my life I am really unsure on what my belief is about the subject.  Now some of you are thinking WHAT, WHY would say that?  Its takes a brave person to say that.  Believe it or not, to say I may have been wrong or I may have been right.   How bad is it to say your willing to learn and your willing to search for the truth, and to be able to know that is the truth with all that you are?  

I have done everything I know to do to put this behind me, prayed, tried to remain faithful, preached against it, and everything else I can think of doing or thought I was being led to do.  Even at my strongest points in my faith I have had alot of struggles with this.  In the last month or two things have been very hard for me and i feel torn, it is very hard for me to go to church right now.  I can either live life the way I feel or I can live life as a Christian.  Then I meet a group of people that says you can life this way and still be a Christian.   I have talked to several people about this seeking guidance.  I am tired or being upset, tired or crying, tired of stressing, and tired of being mad.   The one thing I hear all the time is "I can't imagine what your going through or how hard this is for you."  So this is my chance to show everyone one of you how hard this can be and what it's like.

I want you get the person you love, your wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend whatever it is.  Stop here and dont go any farther until you get his person! 

Now put your arms around them hold them tight, give them a kiss and tell them how much you love them.  Do you feel how natural and right that felt?  How absolutely wonderful that was!  That is how so many of us feel.  That is how I feel when I wake up in the arms of another man, or kiss the one I love.  That feeling when your heart is on the top of a mountain just from being in that persons arms.  Now imagine people say its not right, that is not natural and you should be ashamed of yourself for feeling this way!  That everything your heart and body is crying for is terrible and wrong.  Its an abomination to God!  Can you imagine what that is like?  Now what if its natural for you to be in committed relationship with some one of the opposite sex of the person you were just showing your love to.  Can you wake up to or love or kiss or even marry that other person?  Do you see how backwards and weird that would be? Can you imagine living your life that way?  Well if not than you can just be single the rest of your life cause you dont get to be loved and love the way you feel it.  You dont deserve that.  How does that make you feel?

When you go to church and the subject gets brought up, it cuts through you like a knife right to your heart.  When people make their condemning comments with that tone of voice that says " thats so disgusting I can't believe people could ever feel that way, I am so much better than that".  When people want to make their silly little jokes and act like people who are this way or struggle with this are nasty, terrible people.  (I would like to take a moment to say hear, yes I have heard stuff like this in Church but I have not heard my Pastor say or do any of this!  I have nothing but the utmost respect for my Pastor who really does care for his flock and does everything he can to help them.  I highly respect him and think a lot of him and his beliefs and opinions) .  Do you have idea how much it hurts some one that is going through this when you act that way?  How much it can make them feel they dont belong there and they never will?  For people to tell you that you will go to hell for being this way? 

Well hello, people do not go to hell because they commit one sin or the other.  Sin is sin and the wage of sin is death.  I don't care what you have done or will do in life the ONLY thing you will go to hell for is not confessing Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  For not accepting the GIFT He is giving to ALL!  I know that in Heaven there will be homosexuals, prostitutes, drug addicts, faithful Christians, and Pastors, people from every God believing religion.  Why is that?  Because Jesus is the Way the Truth and the Light.  All those that come to repentance and take Him into their hearts will be wrote in the Lambs Book of Life.  Sin separates us form God and that is why Jesus came to this earth and died FOR ALL MAN KIND.  There are healing powers in the name of Jesus like you will never believe but that does not mean that if someone still falls they will not one day with our Lord.  If we were all perfect Jesus would not have need to die for our sins. 

Here is what I know without a doubt.  I am going through all that I am for a reason.  To either find out I was wrong and it is ok to be this way or I have been given this fight for a reason and only God knows what this is but one day it will be revealed and it will be all worth it.  So as I continue to search I want you to remember that just because your believe something is wrong or you dont understand, it does not make that other person any less of a person than you.  I dont care if they are a drug addict or an abused spouse a hooker or whatever it may be.  That person is in pain and the last thing they need is you to run your mouth and act like your better than them!  We are all people we all have trials in our lives.  Remember that your sin is just as bad as mine and every other person.  If your a fat person, you eat till your tummy is about to explode your sinning to.  Just the same as me.  If your too lazy to go out and get a job, hit your wife, or condemn someone else to hell, your sin is just as great as that other persons!   Remember to go to other people with love in your heart and love in your voice.  If you go to someone because you know better and you are better then who is really is in the wrong place?  Feel free to leave comments/questions/concerns here or on my facebook or email me at

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Waiting and waiting and waiting.....

This is poor Martha lookin all fat and ready to have those babies!  I was able to shear her a week ago and she was bagged up then.  I am not the most patient person in the world so the waiting game is not working out too well for me this year.  Maybe next year will be better since it wont be my first year with lambs.
 I tried to get a pic from behind to show how big her utter was but she as not having it at all so this is the best I could do.  I believe she will have twins and Mary and Chi Chi will both have singles.  They are not as far along as she is though.  Every morning this week when I got out to milk Mona the first thing I look for is lambs but nothing yet.  It wont be too long though I don't think.  Speaking of Mona here is a pic for ya.
 Every time I give hay she ends up on on top of it eating over everyone's heads.  She is doing very well and giving over half a gallon of milk everyday.  The good Lord has blessed me with all my kids and I am soooo loving it!  God Bless Dustin

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Say Cheese : )

Mona is giving a little over 1/2 gallon of milk a day which is more than I have been using and is stacking up in the fridge.  So tonight I tried my hand at making goat milk cheese.  Actually very easy to do and only took about 30 min.  Will have to let it hang for a while to drain before I can taste it but I can't wait to see how it turns out.

  Mom found the recipe in one of her cook books.  Its hand wrote and in my writing so my guess is I copied it WAY back when I was a freshman in HS and had a Nubian milk goat.  There are also recipes for Yogurt and Butter.  My nephew and brother are asking for milk as well and I wanna make soap,  I think if this keeps up I will need anther goat LOL.  God Bless hope you have a good weekend.