Wednesday, October 21, 2009


"0">2/3 Rambouillet 1/3 Angora 4oz ball $14 plus shipping Spins into a very nice soft springy yarn.="0">50% Alpaca 50% Rambouillet I have not had a chance to spin this yet, came in just before the fiber fest in Corydon. $2.50 oz plus shipping
100% Jacob roving spins very easy, great for beginners $1.50 oz plus shipping

If your interested in any roving please email me at psalms121@rocketmail Sorry but at this time I can't take paypal. Check or money order only please. God Bless!

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Perfect Weekend!

This weekend Joyce Kathy and I set up at the fiber fest in Corydon IN. Had a great time sitting around talking and meeting new people as well as people I have talked to online but had not met in person. Its always great to put a face with the name! I was good and only bought 4 oz of roving 2 of baby camel down and 2 of sea cell so I did not spend all my profits LOL. I also traded a German cross buck for a very nice alpaca fleece from Mount Ampato Alpacas I still have a few German cross bunnies and lots of roving for sale I will be posting pics of them in the next couple of days. I did take my camera but as usual did not but a couple pics, and not one of those was of our booth. This is a pic of some Angora goats that were set up in between the 2 buildings. It was so hard not to take one of those guys home! I could have fit one in my care I think, luckily for me the lady does not live far from me so I can get a goat at a later date! LOL These guys were set up in the middle building playing music. The were sing a song about who broken the chicken house door or something like that when I was in there and then they would all start clucking. Its was great.

Sunday was a very special day as well. My best friend just recently surrendered to the ministry and he gave his first sermon Sunday! It such a great pleasure to be there on such an important day, and it was an awesome sermon! God has used this boy a great deal in my life, in fact it was his witnessing that brought me to salvation. It is so amazing to see the plans God has for people that He as brought into our lives. I know that God will use him to touch many many other peoples lives and I hope I am there to see all of it! Please keep him in your prayers and ask God to guide his footsteps. God Bless all of you and I pray each of you have found Salvation in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Meet Tommy

My friend Joyce came over this weekend and brought Tommy with her. I am hoping in the spring he will mate with my female turkey so we can lots of little turkeys. Its funny as big as he is he is still afraid of my rooster LOL. Since he is too big to fly we put in the chicken house, we didn't want anything to get him, but he is afraid of the rooster so I am going to make him an outside pen with some cattle panels and a calf hut for a house. Then hopefully my hen turkey will fly in with him so he is not lonely.

This weekend Kathy, Joyce, and I will be setting up at the fiber fest in Corydon IN. I have been busy getting my yarns and some roving ready to take along, I decided to part with a little of my Rambouillet Angora blend. I am saving all my white angora to do another blend so I have plenty. I will also have a couple German cross bunnies for sale and an English Angora that belongs to some friends of mine. If you make it to the fest make sure you stop by our booth and say HI! God Bless!