Saturday, February 28, 2009

Its all about pork

We are do it yourself people around here. Today we butchered hogs, 4 total. One for each on my brothers, 1 for us and 1 for my aunt and uncle. I was not going to take any pics but when we started stuffing sausage I thought some of you might like to see it. We put some in 1lb bags and then we made some sausage links with natural casings. I wont tell you what that is but I am sure you can figure that one out. It might make you look at sausage links a little different. Here is a pic of the casings.
Here is a pic of a big roll of sausage.

We also made some small sausage linksAnd here a pic of the old cast iron press we use to fill the casings and make cracklings

When I was a kid and we still had the big farm we also done our own cattle. We still raise a couple steers every year or so but we send them to the locker to get processed these days. I was wanting to get a lamb this year too, its been a long time since we have had lamb meet and its sooo good, but the freezers are full so maybe later. This is usually a 2 day process but this year we were able to get it all done in one day. How did Lisa put it when I told her what we were doing this weekend, there is no place like Greeeeeen Acres LOL God Bless and have a good weekend!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Is there a method to the maddness?

I got my Triangle loom finished this weekend. Big thanks to Annette for all your help! My little brother Matt (or should I say my little big brother he is a lot taller than I am) and I started on it the weekend before last and finished it this weekend. Now all that's left is learn to use it. LOL
He would kill me if he knew I just posted that on the net! Annette's post on fiber storage also inspired me to do something with the mess I have with my stash! So here is what I came up with. Yes there is something in every drawer and yes they are full. The big drawers are full of fiber and the smaller ones have knitting needles, yarns, and dyes and such in them. The bags on top are angora that I need to get spun up. I found one bag I did not even know I had how bad is that?
Two of the drawers are full of the same thing I have way more of that than I need. So does anyone feel like playing a game? I will post some pics of it and the first person to send me an email with the right answer and your mailing address I will send some for free! I will post 2 pictures and the only hint you get is it is not a blend. LOL I could have made that easier for ya huh?
I think I need to work on using some of the stuff I have before I get anymore, but how there is a fiber fest coming up in April? How in the world did I end up with all that? Its an addiction I tell you! It all started with one angora bunny and hangin out with angora people! Do you know how many times I heard you need to learn to spin! Well look what happened LOL I'm obsessed, its great though I can't complain! I think this year about everyone will be getting homemade birthday and Christmas gifts. Well I look forward to getting some emails! Who doesn't need more fiber to fuel the fire!? God Bless

Sunday, February 22, 2009


We all have things that we struggle with and we always will that is part of what makes us who we are. Maybe its not smart to lay out ones personal life on the net for everyone to read but maybe it will help me in some way and help one of you reading this as well.

I struggle with homosexuality. Before I was saved I thought it was just who I was, perfectly normal and ok. However once I was saved all that changed. I had heard that it was not right for one to live their life this way many of times, but nobody every just showed me the scripture and really took the time to explain it to me. Until I met my friend Dan at work, unlike most people his first words were not your going to hell.

With God I am making my way through all of this. Reading the bible you will find that God is there for us at all times He never leaves our side. It gets hard sometimes and I really dont know what to do or where to turn and that is when I find myself going in the wrong direction. I should have turned to God and asked Him what to do instead of relying on myself and my own understadings.

In Leviticus God puts homosexuality in the same place with beastyialy (sp?). Leviticus 18:22 Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination. Leviticus 18:23 Neither shalt thou lie with any beast to defile thyself therewith: neither shall any woman stand before a beast to lie down thereto: it is confusion. The world says that is ok to be homosexual but if thats true than why would God put them in same place with beastyalitly. The world does not say thats ok and if they are grouped together than why would one but not the other? Leviticus 18:29 For whosoever shall commit any of these abominations, even the souls that commit them shall be cut off from amoung their people. Now this does not say you will go to hell for it but it does explain that it is wrong and that homosexuals will be seperated from their people.

God does not warn us agianst sins because he is narrow minded or intolerant it is because He loves us and knows and whats what is best for us. He will forgive us for this sin just like He forgives us for any other sin when we confess and turn away from our sins. 1 John 1:8-9 If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

I hope that this post does not hurt anyone or insult anyone but helps them the way that I hope it helps me as well. It is a hard thing to turn away from because its a hole lifestyle not just one little thing we need to work on. The bible teaches that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. So no matter how hard it is we can rely on Him and give Him our problems for Him to carry on His shoulders. I wont say that life gets easier after your saved because it doesn't in some ways it may be harder, but we are made stronger and better people because of that. Remember God loves us no matter what our sin is and He is here for us waiting on us to ask Him for help. There is a gosple song called When God Ran, I like it reminds you that God comes running when we ask and need Him, He will never leave us nor forsake us. When your fighting your battles and you look around and God is farther away than you thought or than you like remember its not Him that put that distance there it was you but when your ready God will open His arms and let you back it and wipe away all your tears! What amazing love that is!

With all that said do I hate homosexuals NO not all! Will I turn my back on them NO not at all. I don't believe that would be very Christian at all. We are called to love one another and help one another not turn on one for his or her choices in life. I am not any better than any one person nor do I claim to be.

God Bless

Friday, February 20, 2009

Baby Pics

As I promised I will post some pics of my black German/Giant babies. Its was still pretty cold today so I just took a pic of the littlest ones in the nest box. There are 3 blacks and 1 REW, this is Symphanie's litter she lost 2 of the REWs when it was really cold. They got out of the nest box and away from the heat lamp. Ok the little blacks are kinda hard to see in this photo but the REW sticks out. Once it warms up enough for me take them out of the barn I will bring them in for a good photo session.

This is a pic of the little doe out of SWF Cher's litter that I am keeping. I haven't figured out a name for her yet maybe Dusty's Diva?
I could not leave out my little dog Moses he is a little over a year old now, a Yorkie Chihuahua mix that came to live with me New Years eve of 07 so we got to ring in the 08 New Year together. He was form a bad home, what I call a horter that had WAY to many dogs, and had some kinda fungis on his head. Poor little guy was only about 4 weeks old and so tiny I wasn't sure he would make it. As you can see he did and is soo cute! Smaller than most of my rabbits, the last time I had him at the vet he was 3 lbs although he might have picked up another pound since then. Either way this is a little dog with a big attitude. He has no problem taking on one of my Chocolate Labs and we have to keep a very close eye on him when he is outside or he will take off barking at everything. Try catching him in over a foot of snow when he sees birds! Its funny how such a little guy can take up such a big spot in your heart and end up running the household.Ok Dad just one and then I wanna play!I said I wanted to play!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Camera

I got my new digital camera today after work. I got the call my tax check was in so I ran to get it right after work and after going to the bank the first thing I did was go get me a new digital camera! It was too cold to get the bunnies out and take pics of the babies but I promise I will get some pics of little black babies that everyone is wanting to see. So now I am going to try and post a couple pics we will see how that goes.

Here is a pic of the merino angora alpaca blend I was talking about in my last post and I have a lot of it!
and here is a pic of a 62 yarn skein that have done
Lastly is a pic of 102 yards of angora donated by Harrah
Well that was not painful at all LOL. I need to take lots of pics of bunnies to update my website too bad I just cut most of them down!

I went to the Bloomington IN show on Feb 14th and since I have an angora addiction I picked up the cutest little French Angora buck. He is a lilac pearl that I am thinking of breeding with one of my Giant/German does. If I have my genetics right, which I doubt but it worth a try, if my does carry a dilute gene I should get more pearls and if not sables. I read that somewhere but not sure that its true so if you know feel free to tell me! Enjoy the pics and God Bless!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Roving

My roving came back from Stonehenge the other day! I sent in 2 different ones a pure white mohair and the yummiest blend I have spun yet. Its a soft pink merino, alpaca, and angora. I am not sure how much of each I had some pink alpaca and some white merino and thought I would just throw it together and send it when I sent the mohair out. Then I spotted a couple bags of angora on top of the fiber stash so I threw it in to, and man is it yummy! I was going to start on my English wool form Candy after I finished the Giant wool but once I seen this blend I just could not wait to spin it, so on the wheel it went last night. Its so easy and lovely to spin like a pink little cloud. I am spinning it kinda thin so I am not sure what I will do with it, and I am thinking of doing a 3 ply yarn with it also. I only have 3 bobbins and would need 4 for a 3 ply, but when I used my drop spindle I would wind off on an empty pop bottle and use them as bobbins so I could do that again. We'll just have to wait and see what comes of that idea though.

I am still waiting on Misty to have babies she was due Wednesday but nothing yet. There are babies in there I just don't want to wait any longer for them get out! Nothing like a box full of cuties.

God Bless

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy Ending

The pair of BEW FAs found a new home today. They went to be spinner bunnies for a lady wanting to learn to spin. I think they got lucky and found a really good home. I was very happy with the little doe she has came such a long way and has grown a gorgeous coat! I almost clipped her yesterday so I could spin it myself my fingures were iching! I resisted though and let the new owners have her and her coat but it was hard its not like I dont have a ton of wool to spin anyways.

The lady hasn't started spinning yet and didn't have a wheel or a drop spindle so I gave her some Jacob wool roving, my drop spindle, and a brief demo on how I used it since the way I did it is not they way your going to find on the net but I believe is a lot easier! I dont use them anymore since I got my wheel so it was time to move on to someone who would. I let her know about the fiber event coming in April at Greencastle so I hope to see her again there and see how she is doing.

Ava didn't have any babies last week so I bred her again to Nimbus this time. I am hoping if she takes they babies will have lots and lots of wool like daddy and mommies texture. Misty is also do this week so she got a nest box today I'm hoping for lots of torts in this litter and not many blacks.

God Bless

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hair Cut Day

We had a really warm day today a nice break from the horrid cold we have been having. The next couple of days are going to be warm as well. So I took full advantage of the day and clipped down some bunns. I got 4 bunnies cut today. I was most impressed with Symphanie and Ava. I am really liking the texture of their wool and the amount they harvested. Mommy of the two is Adah who was also clipped and she gave me 8oz of prime wool. I still have my chestnut German cross doe to clip and then the bunny clips are done for a month or two.

I have some more Giant on the wheel as well. Its Sue's doe Fuzzy Navols first clip and I have found I really dont like to spin the first clip. I like the feel of the texture of the adult coat alot better and I think it has a nicer halo to it as well.

I have lots and lots of wool to get spun, everytime I clip I pick one of the bunns and save its coat for myself I'm saving Symphanies coat this time. I also got some English wool form Candy that is some really nice looking Choc Tort. As soon as I get the Giant done I am going to start spinning this. I haven't spun English before so I am really looking forward to it. This week must have been goodie week in the mail box for me I also go some very nice roving samples form Annette. There is some teal BFL, Cream Wensleydale, and Brown Cottswold/Mohair. I have some small pieces of other rovings that are blues and greens so I think all that with what Annette sent me will make a very nice colorful scarf.

Have a blessed day and enjoy the nice temps!