Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New Wheel

Last weekend was the Hoosier Hills Fiber fest in Franklin IN.  We had a wonderful time and it was great being able to see old friends like Iris, Sharon and Debbie who I dont see much anymore since I haven't been showing any.  I went up in the mind of bringing 2 things home.  A Kromski Sonata and a Cormo Ewe but of course Sharon had to have a Chinchilla French Angora buck.  Which would go perfect with my Choc Chin doe so he came home with me as well. 

So I didn't really need the wheel as I already have a nice Ashford but I was setting up in a booth 2 weeks before with my friend Diana Young who is a Kromski dealer and made the mistake of asking to use her wheel.  I had never uses a true double treadle.  She had bought some roving from me so when I asked to test drive the wheel I ended up spinning almost the hole ball of my roving for her!  Can't get any better than that you buy the roving the seller spinners it for you and then buys the wheel.  She came out very well in that deal.  Here is a pic of my new wheel.  Right now I have some dyed Angora on it that I have had for a long time but has not sold at any of the fiber fests so I am spinning it up in hopes of better luck. 
Of course since I was getting the new wheel I went ahead and got the jumbo flyer and bobbin for plying even though I dont need that either.  So lesson to learn from this post if you ever find yourself in a booth with a wheel deal NEVER say " Can I try out your wheel" sudden destruction will follow! I pray God Blesses all of you and everyone's critter and fiber adventures are going as planned.