Saturday, May 14, 2011

Llamas done!

I was finally able to shear the llamas this morning, when I was shearing my sheep my blades went dull then I had issues getting new blades.  Once the blades finally came in I was working or it was raining!  We got today off, and there was no rain so llamas got a new do.  Nessie and Velma do not appear to have ever been clipped before so had nasty matted wool and that I had to throw away.  Gama I clipped late last summer so had a shorter stable of about 4 inches.  The girls look like new animals and I am surprised how much smaller Nessie was than I thought, both girls were also very easy to shear while Gama was a pain.  He would try to cush so I put a saddle cinch under him then he would try to jump out of my make shift shoot, which he was unable to do.  I was able to finally get him done without any injuries to anyone thank God, but what a sissy!  Here a couple pics of them all cleaned up.

 Gama my big sissy boy
Nessie did not want me anywhere around her after wards.
Velma, who under all the matts had some of the nicest wool!  If her wool is that soft next year she will clearly be my favorite for wool.  She is also the most laid back but does not make much of a guard llama.
I tried to get new pics of the lambs but they were not having it today.  The little lamb in front was the last lamb born his mother is in the right hand corner Chi Chi.  He is unnamed because there is not chance he will be staying.   The white and black ewe lamb in the back is Dorthy my favorite this year.  She is very flashy and well built.  I dont think she will be a single coated Shetland like I want but we will keep her for a year or so and see what kinda fleece will have, and since this is my first year with Shetlands I could be wrong.  Her wool looks more like other 2 lambs who are single coated but is much curlier.
This very dark little boy is Truth.  He will be staying around as a ram for future breeding.  Single coated and nice build.  Dorthy is in the back nursing from her mom Mary.  Haha Mary had a little lamb!  Couldn't help myself LOL  God Bless Dustin