Saturday, February 11, 2012

Angora Yarns and Prayers

Oh how I have neglected all my readers!  Its have been forever since I have posted anything.  I have really enjoyed the winter so far here in Indiana the temps for the most part have been warmer and not too many freezing days or to much snow at all.  How nice it is not to have to bust water dishes and tanks all time! 

Today we had our 2nd Saturday Spin in and Hoosier Heartland Alpacas in Seymour IN.  I took along some Chestnut Giant Angora I carded up the night before.  I have been on an angora spinning binge this week and spun a little over 8 oz of pure angora.  I typically dont spin a hole lot of pure angora I have certain colors I am "going to spin" but the sit in my stash forever and I end up selling them.  I decided it was time to get busy and spin them up myself.  Here is a pic of 2 I have spun so far.
On the left is the second clip from a Smoke Pearl French Angora.  She was between coats so it is mostly just a creamy off white.  The right is my Chestnut Giant Angora she is mostly gray unfortunately because I really like that "tweedy" look you get from spinning Chestnut wool.

On another note I would like to ask everyone reading to please pray for my mom.  She had a brain aneurysm  March 9th will be 5 years ago.  She had to go for a brain scan Monday of this week and they found another one forming right beside the one they had fixed.  She goes back to the Drs on March 2 to see what they are going to do, weather it needs fixed or they are just going to watch it.  The first one busted at work and she was in the hospital for about a month or maybe a little better.  Most of that in ICU.  I am hoping since this one was found and has not busted it will not be nearly as hard on her to get it fixed when the time comes.  It was a very hard thing to watch her go through and I hope she never has to again.  On the plus side God has brought us through this one and she made a full recovery so I am sure He has plans for this as well.  He walked with His children and carries them in times of need.  I can't help but remember Romans 8:28   And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.  In times like this He uses verses like this one to bring me comfort.  There is also a song by Casting Crowns Already There that I love and brings me so much comfort.  I can't seem to upload the video here so here is along to it.  Please remember Mom in your prayers God bless you!