Saturday, January 31, 2009

Deal of a lifetime

I have too many Giant/German Angora bucks so I am going to make everyone a deal. Anyone that shows in Indiana, Kentucky, or Ohio and is willing to show proof, such as a show report or remark card I will give a REW Giant/German Angora buck. All of these bucks are very nice I am having problems picking witch one I am wanting to keep. The bunns must be picked up at my place, somewhere close, or at a show I am attending.

I also still have the pair of BEW FA that need to be adopted and 5 Satin Angoras for sale. I have Giant and German babies coming and need to make cage space. You can email me at

Have a blessed day and stay warm!

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Did anyone read the posts about weaving sticks on the NCAG blog? I just had to have some when I read those 2 post. I ordered them the day before yesterday and they came in the mail today! All the way form CA can you say fast shipping? So I got some CVM Alpaca that I spun up form roving I got from Lisa and started weaving away. I am on my third piece already. I think it will be a scarf when its all done. I am weaving pieces about a foot long and will stich them together. I haven't made up my mind yet but I may do some of it with my gray shetland I spun last week. So far its keeping my attention a lot better than knitting does but I wont give up on my knitting yet.

I just got done spinning some angora donated by my first Giant doe Harrah. I am going to save this and make myself something, I usually give away the things I make. I am on a role with making something out of my first bunns. I gave Lisa some Giant and French wool at a show in Ohio, she spun the Giant and sent it back to me, such a sweet lady! That wool is from my first German buck Doogie and I made a hat with his wool so I am thinking scarf with Harrah's wool. I will have to dye it the same blue color so they match if I can remember how much dye I used.

Thats all the news I got for today nothing really going on with the foot of snow we got cant do much. Have a good evening everyone and God Bless!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Baby Update

I was a little worried about Symphanie's little ones, she didn't seem to be getting her milk in as soon as I would like. I thought that since I had taken the babies away and brought them in the house that might have been the problem. So I bit the bullet and hung a heat lamb so they could stay with mommy. Then I plucked some of the wool on her belly to help induce milk production and it seems to have worked babies are looking good this morning. I was a little excited when I counted I think there are only 6 little ones 3 blacks and 3 rews. I am hoping to lots of does! I tend to get a lot of little boys here, and I am not what you would call buck poor by no means

Cher's babies are doing really well! There is 2 does a black and a rew and 2 black bucks. The rew is the runt in the litter so more than likely will try to find a wooler home for her but the little black doe is going to stay at the Haven to make future little ones, and give lots of wool for spinning if she turns out like her mommy.

Ava and Celtic Mist are both bred as well and due in Feb. Ava is Symphanies sister and bred to the same buck. Celtic Mist is a German Hybrid that carries "e" and was bred to Wall Cloud a German Hybrid which also carries "e'' so should have some little torts in that litter.

I am not at all a genetic wiz but I am going to try and figure some of it out so that I can breed for some colors. I love my Giants and Germans but would really like to see some colors in the barn, and really dont want to add a breed just to get some color.

I still have a pair of BEW FA that are free to a good home. The little doe is growing an outstanding coat and is very sweet! I would like to see a better coat on the buck but he does have a very nice body type. These two do not have peds and I am not sure to the exact birth date of them but I am thinking they were born in June of 08. If your interested in adopting them email me at

Friday, January 23, 2009

Prayer Request

I would like to ask everyone reading this to please pray for my best friend Dan's little brother John. He is 7 years old and was taken to Riley Children Hospital today, he may have Kawasaki Disease. Prayer is one of the best tool we have and we should always take full advantage of it. Please remember John in your prayer he is a very sweet little boy! Thank you so much and God Bless each and everyone of you!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Friends Fiber and Babies!!!!

Good evening everyone! My best friend Dan started a new blog tonight and you must check it out! Dan and I have been friends for a while now, he has so many God given talents!! The day the good Lord brought him into my life was truly a blessing. He has a way of spreading the Word like no other! After he witnessed to me I was saved in Aug of 07. Our friendship has grown so much since then and I can tell you now I have never had a friend like him. I dont believe that everyone has a friend like I do but I do wish everyone would find one. Dan is one of those people you can always count on, even if I had to call him in the middle of the night he would be there. He is closer than just my friend he truly is my brother!! I hope that all of you out there can find or already has a brother as close as mine! You cant go wrong with family like him!! A strong Christian young man with his head on his shoulders the right way. Well I will let you find out about him yourself once you check out the blog.

I got some Shetland roving in the mail the other day that I have been busy spinning on the past couple of days. I bought it on ebay, gotta love eday! It spins great, this is the first time that I have ever spun shetland and I am really liking it. I wonder what it would be like blended with some angora? There was 8oz of gray but the lady had some dark cocoa colored roving to so you know I got 8oz of that as well. I have been working on the gray this week, it has some black wool throughout that gives it a really nice look once its spun together. I am getting quite the fiber stash built up I better get busy and start knitting some of it up. Once I get the mohair I sent to Stonehedge back I am going to take that and the cocoa shetland and make some shawls on my knifty knitter. Oh whats next I wonder?

Symphanie had babies tonight YIPPEEEE!!! She is a bran new mother of 8, 4 REW and 4 Black. This is her first litter so far so good, I am hoping for the best. I may go out later and bring them in the house if I dont think she has enough wool pulled to keep them warm. I haven't been using heat lambs this year I have heard to many stories about barns burning down and people loosing thier rabbits I got scared and did't want to risk it. When Cher's babies were little I brought them in the house for the first couple of days and they did really good so I should't have any problems.

Have a blessed evening and dont forget to check out my friends blog!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

I moved LOL

Well I was using wordpress for my blog but for some reason it is wanting to take over my home page on my website as well. So we are moving to blogspot. A lot of people use this one so I am hoping it is easier to use.

I was hoping to come home to a new litter of Giant German babies but no luck maybe tomorrow. She is grumpy, didn't eat many pellets last night, and moved her nest box around so I believe there are babies in there. Got my fingures crossed for lots of healthy black babies. She is bred to SWF Sonny a pure German black buck.

Have a blessed day!