Saturday, February 20, 2010

I need to move......

to a zoo! Well it did not take long and a new critter has shown up at my house. This is Toby a baby Standard Grey Chinchilla

While I was in High School I had tons and tons of animals then when I graduated and started hanging around the wrong crowd, doing the wrong stuff I found new homes for all my pets. Its been a long tough road but the good Lord is getting me back where I need to be. Along the way He is blessing me with me lots of new pets! I had 3 chins in High School 2 greys and 1 mosaic. I really missed those little guys so was very pleased when I found a breeder not too far from me. God Bless you all!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Roving

This is a new roving I just got back from the mill its Icelandic and 41% Fawn Angora,its just a touch darker than in this photo. The skein in the middle is about 200 yards of sports weight yarn weighs 2.8oz. Very nice easy to spin and oh so soft. I am having a hard time but I am offering some of this for sale at $3.50 an oz. Contact me at God Bless!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bloomington IN show

Yesterday was my first show of the spring season and yes I forgot my camera. It was a small, very packed show room no room to walk or anything, everyone in the state must have been antsy for a rabbit show. I took 7 Giant Angora babies, Adah and Dan Dan's litter. Got some great comments on 2 of the bucks and picked which doe I will be keeping. I picked up 2 Satin Angoras for Kathy Obrakta as well a Red Buck and a Choc Agouti doe. Both are very nice, it seems I cant stay away from them LOL. I guess my Angora addiction is not any better yet, hmmm I wonder if there is a rehab program for that anywhere? I took along a basket of hand spun yarns no luck selling any but everyone wanted to touch them. Will try again at the next show I have more yarn than I will ever knit. Weather man says more snow on the way tonight, like we really need anymore but guess the good Lord says other wise. God Bless stay warm and if your lucky stay home till the snow melts!

Friday, February 5, 2010

From bunny to yarn

I have always found it kinda cool how different wool looked on the rabbit then it does when its spun, so I took some pics of bunny, batt, yarn to share. My opal EA doe had started chewing her wool so I clipped and spun it up before she ruined her hole coat.



Yarn This was my first time spinning Opal I think it really turns out a pretty color. I have been spinning alot of angora lately my angora stash is almost gone, good thing a couple bunns are ready to be clipped. One in an agouti I may start that one next.

Its snowing like crazy here just like it is almost everywhere east. Stay warm and dont get out unless you have to. If your traveling to the PA convention be very careful! God Bless be safe!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

More color pics

The baby I was asking about is a little older now so I tried to get some new pics. The questionable kit is a doe and with all these photo shoots we are going to have give her famous name, maybe Marilyn. Here are a couple more pics of her.

She likes it better on top of the show table better than on the towel. This next pic is for Lisa. The rabbit in the corner is the choc mommy of this litter. Notice the glow to her eye? This is the only time i have ever noticed this must be caused by the flash on the camera. I have never noticed if any of my other colored rabbits had a glow of the eye when I took pics of them.

This last pic is a hat and scarf I made from some of my black angora. A friend at work has bought this set for his girlfriend for V-day. I am having a hard time giving up this scarf I really like angora in seed stitch! God Bless hope your getting the warmer temps we are!