Monday, March 30, 2009

Out at the Pond

I spent my afternoon with Dan and Tonya trying to do some fishing. I think its a little too early yet though since the fish were not biting. I did take some pics around the pond to share so it was not a wasted afternoon. Here is a pic of the boat dock on the north east side.
This one I took standing on the dockThis is a pic of the bridge my Uncle Butch helped us build that crosses over the to the south south west side of the pond.I took this one on top of the bridge.This one was taken on the west bank.This one was taken on the north east bank looking south or southwest the little building in the top right corner is an outhouse.Here is a pic a of our cabin that my cousin built.A side view of the cabin. Inside there is a small kitchen with sink, stove, and cabinets and a set of bunk beds and a single bed.We saw lots of fish around the banks so I got a couple pics of them. Do you know how hard it is to take pics of fish in the water?The fish I got pics of look to be bluegill and a bass. There are also channel catfish, a couple albino catfish, red ear, and crappie.Here is my beast the bunny mobile! Hope everyone enjoyed the warm weather today God Bless!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mo Mo gets a bath

One thing Moses never likes is bath day. Poor little guy sits in the tub and pouts and I always get just as wet as he does. He does the cutest mad dog roll when he gets out and runs around the house going crazy rolling on everything he can find. Most of the time its the snack I give him after his bath.

Is he not the cutest little dog you have ever seen in your life?

Not much else going on around here today. I got my spring cleaning started and cleaned out form under all the cages. Now its time to get the cages burned and disinfected. The mail man brought me a nice package yesterday I have been very excited about. I found some yak fiber for sale on one of the yahoo groups. I haven't got any of it spun yet I am working on spinning some of Cher's wool that I am thinking of sending to National for the WSG contest since I won't be attending this year.
I am thinking this yak will make a very nice hat and
scarf for me. Who can say they are wearing yak? God Bless, try to stay dry the storms are blowing in here.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

What do you do when?

Misty has been toying with my emotions all weekend! She was due Friday and has spent the past 2 days playing with a mouth full of wool and hay. So I have tried to stay out of the barn as much as possible to give her space to have her babies. What do you do when you cant spend much time in the barn? Well I made a new rabbit cage to hang in the barn but could not hang it since she has not dropped her babies yet, and I cooked all weekend check out these photos to see what I mean.

a white cloud of fluffy soaking angora.

Pink Angora was going for more of a red but I will take what I can get I haven't got this quite figured out yet I always use too much or not enough dye.

Blue Cormo Angora roving once again not what I was going for but came out very nice! I was going for Gun Metal LOL not sure if that means I didn't use enough or what?

Aztec Gold Cormo Angora. Hey I got this one right! Yippeeeee!

Orange Cormo Angora roving. Hey I got another one right! I should buy myself a cookie with my name on it!!!! LOL I also finished spinning some English Angora wool and got it soaking in the tub and have half a spindle of mohair spun up. All that and still no babies!!! How did you spend you weekend? God Bless hope you had a good weekend!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Little Pink Hat

It was cloudy and a little rainy out tonight after I got home work so I was lazy and did not groom the 2 bunns and cut down the other 1 that need it they will still be there tomorrow. I stayed in to finish the hat I have been knitting for what seems like forever! This is the first hat that I have knit on needles all the others I have done were on my nifty knitter, but I really dont like the way handspun looks on a nifty knitter. It is made from the pink Merino Alpaca Angora roving that I posted about a while back. I got the pattern from Ravlery (sp?), it was easy for the most part but I had to learn that knitting with circular needles is a little different than straight needles, hense the garter stitch after the ribbing that should be stockenette. All in all it looks pretty good and I have already started to make another one out of some grey 2 ply Shetland I have spun up. I will use a stitch marker this time to make sure I get my ribbing even. Not much else going on at the Haven just waiting on new little babies. God bless and I hope you have enjoyed this awsome weather!

Friday, March 13, 2009


There are certain places I can NOT be trusted alone. For those of you who may not know me very well Pet Stores are one of those places. I went up to the hobby lobby tonight to look for a knitting book on making beanies (I found it), there is a Petco in the same strip mall. I was going to find something for my little boy Moses, but I walked in and straight toward the birds. I found all the little Parakeets and looked and looked and then looked some more, then walked over to check out some cages. Well what do ya know there are cages marked $5 off for pals members I just happen to be one, oh look the parakeets are marked down $6 for pals members. Now how could you pass that up. I sure couldn't just walk off and leave this little cutie in a pet store when I could get such a good deal! So Mom got a big suprise when I got home, I dont think she will let me go to the pet store alone anymore. LOL It could have been worse I looked at the rats, mice, and hampsters too she HATES those! I use to have pet rats they made really good pets. God Bless have a good weekend!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Day 1

Its been a long time since I have hatched eggs, so today I went and got a new incubator. I use to be fairly good at it, we will have to see if I still have what it takes. I have hatched chickens, ducks, geese, and quail, always wanted to do turkeys but never got around to it. I haven't ever had good luck raising turkeys either. I put 20 duck eggs in the incubator today after I got it all set up. It takes some time to get the temp regulated, which is very important in hatching it took me several hours this evening to get it right. If all goes well I will have baby ducks April 6th. I will be candling them in a week or so to see how they are doing and get rid of any bad eggs that may be there. I am not sure if I can get a good pic of that but I will try to post one when I do. Its pretty cool to see the start of that babies when you hold the egg up to a light. The baby ducks will be a mix of Mallards and Jumbo Pekins. I have a pair of Mallards and a trio of Pekins along with 8-10 Cochin chickens.

Once the duck eggs hatch I am going to hatch some more baby chics. My rooters (the butt) really needs replaced he likes to flog when you ain't paying attention. Have you ever seen the movie Cold Mountain? There is a flogging rooster that gets his neck rung, I think of that alot when I am out in the barn. Is that mean? He will go good with noodles! He will usually leave me alone but attack anyone new that comes in the barn but tonight he got me a good one on the thigh. Its funny to watch my nephew try to come in the barn to help get the eggs, he opens the gate steps inside and once he sees the rooster walking closer with his head down acting like he is scratching the ground Austin takes off. From time to time I can get Austin in as long as I will walk between him and the rooster and promise to kick the rooster across the barn if he comes at us. Its really funny if you were here to see it.

I just love Spring and there will be babies everywhere in April, baby bunnies and baby ducks all on the way! Dont forget all the new flowers that will coming up too! All I need is some Goats and Sheep to have babies that I can watch bounce around like little pogo sticks. God Bless!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Jeffersonville Show

I went to the show in Jeffersonville IN today and I even showed! Well I only had one Giant/German in coat, Isaiah. He done very well and the judge really liked him. Guess that means he is a keeper, and now its time for him to get a hair cut so by this fall I can have his 3rd coat coming in. Sue and I were the only Angora breeders there she only brought 1 French Angora to show so judging did not take long at all. We still had to sit and sit and sit some more before we got to the talbe though.

I bet your wondering what in the world those pics are all about to huh? Well I wanted something that was easy to care for, small/medium sized that I could show, could sell for pets or 4H bunnies. I got some Fuzzy Lops at the New Years Eve show but my nephew claimed them so they are now living at my brothers. Today I was looking and looking all I saw was Holland Lops Mini Rex and Jersey Wooleys, not for me, but then what did I spy? Thriantas, perfect! They are small and soo cute! Now that will be an easy one to show with minimal grooming and wont take as much time as my Giants. Don't worry though they won't take over the barn I promise I wont ever give up my up my big babies! My older brother Travis is going to build another outside cage for his kids rabbits so I talked him into helping me build one too. Now I just need to think of some names that go with fire or red, of course when you think red you think Reba! So that will be the name for one of the does. God Bless hope everyone is enjoying this great weather!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

My boys

I have lots of REW bucks in the barn right now that I have been trying to pick between. I have finally got the choices down to 3. All of them will be hanging out here for a long time. The first 2 pics are of Dusty's Dan Dan. He goes back to lines from Janet. I got my first Giant/German buck Doogie from Janet and he passes on his wonderful personality. Although I should have named him piggy look at that face!
Next is Dan Dan's son Dusty's Isaiah, he was just born in Nov of 08. I think I am liking his body type even more than his daddy's but we will have to wait he is older to know for sure. He has more of a French type head than I like but his tassels are coming in. He won't have near the face foof his dad does but should make a very nice addition to the barn. There is a show this coming weekend I wasn't going to take anyone but I am thinking of taking him to get some judges coments. I dont really show much anymore so it would be nice to get one on the table.
Last but not least is SWF Nimbus. Nimbus is s IAGARB Reg buck I got from Joyce. Nice big buck with lots and lots of wool, strong shoulders and a kickin hindquarts! Nimbus will be getting a hair cut this week. My rabbits dont tend to get much of a coat these days. He is bred to Dusty's Ava who is due in a couple of weeks. I am very excited to see how that litter turns out.I still have my 2 black bucks that I didn't take pics of today. SWF Sonny a black pure German buck and SWF Wall Cloud (Waly) a 63% buck. See I told you I had lots of bucks and thats just the 5 I am keeping there are still a couple woolers in the barn too. I have more bucks than does at this point. All those boys taking up cage space really puts a damper on babies. God Bless!