Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Life has been crazy here on the farm lately but I finally took the time to get some pics of my lambs so far this year.  We are up to five and only 1 ewe in the bunch.  I have at least 3 more ewes to go possibly 4.
Shetland Ram lamb looks to be a double coated.
Moorit Ram and Black Ewe both Shetlands these 2 are twins.  Something is telling me to keep the ewe lamb but I am not sure yet. If she was moorit I would no doubt.

This is the newest Shetland Ram lamb.
Without a doubt this is my favorite lamb so far and how I wish it was a ewe!  He is Shetland Cormo Finn cross and his fleece looks wonderful so far.  Of course he is still very little but I think it will turn out to be very nice.  If I didn't have a BFL ram coming this fall I would keep him even though he is not a ewe.  I really hope I can find this guy a home in a spinners flock.  God Bless hope your all having a good week so far!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

So what does she do with all of it?

That is the question I have been asking forever so this time I asked for some back.
I have been selling most of my Angora to one lady for a couple years now.  I just sold a large part of my stash to pay for some car repairs I needed, last year when I bought my first Shetland sheep I payed for them with what I made from selling my Angora as well.  I know my friend who raises Germans sells most of hers to the same lady I do.  So this time I asked her for some yarn and this is what I got.  4 skeins of Angora Merino and Alpaca blend yarn its is fingering to sports weight and single ply yarn.  I think I have just the pattern for this to!  God Bless 

Friday, May 4, 2012

We have cows!

Matilda gave birth tonight and what an eventful evening it was!  Thank you Jesus I have the best vet in the world she ROCKS!  When I got home from work she had just started labor about 5 she went out to the pasture and you could only see one foot instead of 2 so dad had me call the vet.  I was so nervous the hole time while everyone else just seems to be going along with their evening like we were not have a crisis.  OK I freak but Dad has been through this before so knew what to expect.  By the time the vet got here we had Matilda moved back to the barn and in a stall.  She quickly went to work repositioning the calf and finding the other leg which was not easy for her to do.  It looked kinda painful for cow and vet at times.   She then put chains on the calves feet and tried pulling him but he was too big and had no luck so she broke out the calf jack which was really cool.  While the vet and Dad was doing all this I was trying to hold Matilda still and now my arms are killing me!  When the calf started to come Matilda laid down and I was able to help pull the calf and rub him down really good.  Sounds like a short process in this post but really it was NOT!  Here are a couple pics of the new baby I am calling Forest.

You can see my vet in the first pics poor lady was a mess when she got done!  I will be doing out a couple times tonight to check on the calf and make sure all is well.  God Bless!