Saturday, March 26, 2011


It has been forever since I posted anything on here for all of you to read!  Things have been moving right along here in Indiana kinda smooth right not but I am sure that won't last long.  I have 2 new litters of Giant Angora babies in my colored breeding program there are both Blacks and Chestnuts.  Lambing should start sometime in April not really sure when the lady I bought my sheep from never gave me any dates so here goes nothin I guess LOL.  Shearing I am hoping will be done next weekend.  I ordered shears back in Feb but the company I ordered them from never told me they were on back order till a couple weeks later.  So ended up canceling my order and ordering a pair from another company.  They will be here first part of next week.  Maybe it would have been easier to call a shear but we have this "Do it yourself" attitude around here.

Today I picked up my first Toggenburg milk goat named Mona.  When I picked her up this morning Joyce gave me a milking lesson then Mona and I had our first loan milking tonight.  All went smooth and between both milking she gave about 2.5qts of milk today.  I think her milk will increase as she gets use to being milked out everyday, she just started giving milk last week.  Here is a pic for ya taken with my cell phone as soon as we got home this moring.  I will try to get some better pics soon. God Bless Dustin