Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ewe Pictures and a llama

It is incredibly nice out today and the sheep have been out grazing so I thought I would take pics of a couple to share with all of you.  When its really hot the sheep tend to lounge out under the trees and go out to graze late when the sun is going down.
Martha one of my first Shetland Ewes she is a moorit.
The black ewe on the left is 3/4 BL and 1/4 BFL She is from the same farm as my Finn crosses and Cormo crosses but I was not so sure at first about the BL, once I seen them after they got a little bigger I really liked them.  The ewe on the right is a Shetland Finn cross she has a wonderful fleece growing in!
This is Victory she is the first lamb born here on the farm.  A moorit Shetland out of Martha who will be staying here.
This is one of Dad's Cormo cross ewes, I still have her lamb fleece in the work room to get washed and figure out what I want to do with.
2 more of Dad's ewes not totally sure what the big ewe is and the lamb which is hers is 1/2 Cormo.  I am pretty sure Dad has more sheep than I do.  Once I got my Shetland he got bit by the bug and wanted some bigger sheep to raise.  I was ok with that as long as they had nice fleeces of course, not that I really had any say but hey if I get some nice wool out of it it sounds good!  He also got his way on the new ram, will be picking up a 3/4 Cormo ram lamb for this falls breeding.
The ewe in the middle is the Cormo cross ewe from a couple pictures ago.  The 2 lambs on each side of her are my Cormo Finn cross ewe lambs.  Not sure which is which but we have Miss Daisey and Rosie.
Of course I could not end this post without adding my favorite guard llama, Gama.  I have wanted a llama for as long as I could remember and have always said his name would be Gama.  I might have been 27 by the time I got him but the Lord blessed!  If this nice weather continues I will have to pull out some rabbits form my black Giant project to show you all as well.  God Bless! Dustin

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ashley and Mona

My niece is over tonight and wanted to help milk the goats, she did very well for a first time milker.  Afterwards she wanted to take Mona for a walk.
I am in the process of drying Mona off which is going to be long process.  Joyce warned me she was hard to dry off last year, before I started.  I have been milking her once a day for 2 weeks now and soon will start milking ever other day.  Plans for that this week we hope will have to wait and see how her production is in a couple of days.  Once Mona goes to every other day milking Rachel is going to twice a day.  Rachel is doing very well and is giving quite a bit more milk now than when I first got her.  I am hoping to breed Mona next month for Feb kids.  I was going to breed her to another Togg but found a lady very close with a full blood Boer and a Kiko, once I get a chance to see them I will pick which buck to breed her to.   God Bless Dustin