Monday, July 20, 2009


This is Sugar she and her sister who was named Spice showed up a couple of weeks ago. They were very skinny and covered in flees and ticks, a drop of flee meds between the shoulders and some kitten food and they look much better now. Spice disappeared last weekend but Sugar is still here and as sweet as ever. Mom found them across the road in the ditch while doing some gardening, I used that excuse a lot when I was younger and came home with a new puppy but I don't think they ever bought it. Sugar and Moses are very good friends. Its hilarious to watch them chase each other around. First Moses is chasing her and then they turn and she chases Moses. Its been along time since we have had cats but the dog that didn't allow us to have one is no longer with us so Sugar is here to stay. God Bless I hope you all have a great week!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Finally Finished

Do you remember when I posted pics of the chicken house we were building? It seems like it has been forever but its finally done and has the chickens, ducks, and geese in it. Dad just found out we were the happy owners of 3 geese LOL. He did not get mad like I thought he would, hopefully when I find some guineas he wont get mad either. Oh you never know what I am going to get next LOL. I just love my critters in every shape and size. Here are some pics of the barn. Front of barn.East sideWest sideBack of barn.Here is a pic of my 3 Geese, 2 Ducks and some of my Chichens, they look so dirty in this pic. There are quite a few more sexlink pullets that are not in this photo. Out of all the chicks we got at TSC this spring only one appreas to be a rooster. When they start laying this fall I will have eggs coming out my ears. God Bless I pray you had a peaceful and fun weekend!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Visited a new church.

I mentioned before in a post that I was looking for a new church because of personal things going on in my life right now. I was attending a church close to home and the preacher and his wife are friends of the family however I do not feel led to be there at that church. I believe God will show or tell me where He wants me to attend and this one just is not it I don't believe. So tonight I went to another church close to the house. I am a Baptist and there are several Baptist churches around close but not every Baptist church is equal. I am very strict in the things I believe and find that a lot of churches are not as strict in some of these things. I truly believe that the King James Bible is the only Bible that should be used by the English speaking countries. Satan will take any step he can to send one of us in the wrong direction, and I believe he has even attacked our Bible making many corrupt versions of it. Here is a link about how to find a counterfeit Bible, here is another link for a comparison chart that shows 300 verses that have been changed in the 7 most popular versions of the Bible.

I also believe that Christians should listen to gospel music and not contemporary. Here is a link to a Q&A about Christian Rock, here is another. I believe that Rock music has a lot of satanist influence and is not something a Christian should be listening to, here is yet another link about that. The reason I am making so many links on the post and not explaining everything is I am not very good with my words at times and do not what you to get confused and I want to show you some proof of what I believe and why.

Once a person is saved all things should become new. That means everything not just the things we want to change. Sometimes the things we should do are not always the easiest things to do. Remember what Jesus went through to save us all. How easy could that have been and how much worse was that to go through than the things we struggle with today. From the things I have read in the Bible and some things I have talked about with a very good friend of mine it is obvious that hanging on a cross is a slow and painful death. Huge nails through your hands and one through both feet. To breath you would have to push yourself up on the nail going through your feet causing yourself even more pain. So you hang there until your so exhausted and in so much pain you no longer have the strength to pick yourself up to take a breath. Now imagine before you even have to go through that your beaten with whips and things that tear your flesh from your body. So bad that your own mother can not recognize you. Then you go through the pain of being nailed to a cross with all your weight being on 3 nails, one in each hand and one through your feet. All this Jesus done for each and everyone one of us! This is the reason I find it so important to get it right and stick with it. After all He has been through to save my soul I owe Him so much more that!

I have found there is a lot out there, both good and bad so you have to be careful where you find your info at on the net since any crazy person can put anything they wan on the net these days. Some of my favorite site are , and I am sure there are many more good sites out there that would be very useful tools for a Christian but these are the 2 I use the most and have found to be truthful.

So for some of the above reasons I still have not found a new church. Just thought I would share my search with all of you and let you know why. When I find the church I feel God is pulling me into I will let all of you know and tell you about it. God Bless all of you and I pray you all have found Salvation with Jesus Christ. Feel free to email me with any questions or comments about any of my posts or if you just want to share your thoughts.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Meet the new kids!

Monday evening some new babies came to live with us. A friend of ours went to a sale barn in Ohio and picked them up. The key here is DO NOT GET ATTACHED! That is gonna be kinda hard I think, well until they get bigger. They are too cute when they are this little who can resist the cuteness?
We got 3 of these little guys, all bull calves. Last night Dad and I sat in the back of the truck while Mom drove us all home. This little guy in the last pic sucked on my fingers all the way and one of the other ones had my wrist. I was covered in cow slopper by the time we got home. This is some Rambouillet wool that I got washed this weekend and will be sending to the mill to be blended with some black German Angora, 75% wool 25% Angora blend. It came from Jennings Family Fibers in WY. They done an awesome job keeping this wool clean so I did not have to pick much out at all. I think I will have to buy some white from them as well for another blend hmmm all the things that could be done with that. I have not done any silk blends yet! Not that I really need anymore stash LOL. God Bless all of you!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hand spun Angora

Here are some pics of some of my hand spun angora yarns. I took all the pics outside in natural light. Since it finally stopped raining and we are having a nice cool peaceful day. This is English Angora I got from Candy. It was nice to spin but I like my Giant/German wool a little better.Black German Angora from Cher. I have more black wool that I am going to send off to have blended with some Silver Rambouillet for a to die for roving. Red French Angora from Ruby Slippers that was a true pleasure to spin!German Angora that was dyed pink and purple then cared together. It reminds me of grape bubble gum. God Bless hope you all have a good day!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

More Fair Pics

It has been raining all day here in Southern Indiana the perfect weather for sleeping. I on the other hand have been spinning spinning spinning, got the Coopworth spun into singles and plied the Wensleydale, and then pulled out the huge bag of Alpaca to pick a color and start spinning, I picked a salt and pepper batt to start with there are so many colors in that bag! So I thought I would post some more pics for the fair when it was not raining and we had sunshine! Turkeys in the Poulty building. I wanna a turkey!This little girl is a goat milking pro! She had a pen full of does to milk. I should have asked if they make goat milk soap but never thought of it then. Guess what else I want? LOLLlama, aint it cute! I have been trying to talk my parents into letting us get a llama FOREVER I have even picked a name already, Gama. LOL then I can say this is my llama Gama. I have issues I know.Little Alpaca. Could you believe that the people in the Llama and Alpaca club did not do anything with that lovely wool! I talked to 2 of them about buying some wool so we will see what happens. We have an auction on the Fri night at the fair for the kids to sell their animals. Since llamas and alpacas are not meat animals they can not sell them but the llama club sold a park bench with all the money going back to the club. I thought it was kinda odd they didn't make something will the wool and sell that. I have thought about making something out of handspun llama and donating to the club to sell next year, a shawl or afgan would be perfect! Hmm we shall see about that one. Hey what are looking at?I ain't much of a cow person but you gotta love babies! The Mini 4Hers get to show these little guys. How lucky are they thats the class I wanna show in! Little kids leading around little calves who could resist that one?This is a hungry little guy. Baby goats are the cuttest things in the world! God Bless and I hope you have a happy and safe 4th of July holiday!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

4H Rabbit Show

I took off work today to go watch my niece and nephew show rabbits at the fair. This was Ashley's first year in regular 4H and Austins first year in Mini 4H. They both done GREAT and I was so proud of them. This is Austin with his Netherland Dwarf and his trophy. He was so proud of that little trophy.This is Ashley with her New Zealand White buck. She went on to win BOS with him and was thrilled. This is a shot of all the kids show the meat pens. They are lined up all around the show area and at the table. There were either 29 or 30 kids in this class, each kid had 3 rabbits that had to to almost idetical in body type and wieght as well as haveing the best body types. The judge went over all the rabbits and then made his first cut only 7 kids were still on the table.....Here is a shot of the seven kids that made the cut Ashley is the second one on the rightThe judge made another cut down to 3 kids and Ashley is still hangin there! Can you believe that out of all those kids she is still there! Sorry for the dark pic.ASHLEY WON RESERVE CHAMPION MEAT PEN!!!!!! Out of all those kids my little niece got Reserve Champ with her little California Meat Pen! She was so happy. We were all so proud of her she took very good care of her rabbits and has worked very hard!

I took lots of other photos of all the other animals I will post next time. There were llamas and alpacas there and I was able to talk to 2 people about getting llama and alpaca wool. So if all goes right I may have found some local fleeces, no luck with finding a sheep fleece this year mostly Hamps and Sulfocks (sp?) there. I pray God Blessed your day and much as He did mine today. The good Lord truely gave me a perfect day watching the kids and being with family what could be better!