Friday, November 25, 2011

Makin Soap

Its been forever since I have posted anything!  My computer got bugs and I have been super busy with all the critters, work and church events.  I finally got the computer fixed and tonight I took some time and made soap and thought I would share some pics with you.  The first step is to melt the lard down
This lard is from a hog we butchered last winter.  My Uncle took the lard home to make cracklins and render the lard.  They got the cracklins I got the lard for soap making.
Step two is mixing the lye and goat milk.  After mixing it turns this golden color and gets very hot.  I learned that freezing your goat milk first helps to keep it form separating and helps cool it down a lot faster.
I forgot to get a pic of step three, which was to mix the Baby Oatmeal, Borax, and Glycerin in a separate bowl.  Then picture above is step four mixing all ingredients together.  This is also where I add any Essential Oils for scent, this batch I used a blend called Strawberry Patch. 
Lastly I pour my soap into molds.  This batch make 16 very good size bars plus 2 cupcake size bars.  I will cover this let it set over night then take out of molds and place on a shelf to dry for at least a month before its ready to use.  Hope you enjoyed my soap making tonight!  God Bless