Friday, August 24, 2012

Black Giant Anogra Crosses for Sale

I have 2 Black Giant Angora crosses for sale out of my breeding program.

Bluewood Bunnies Black Ice DOB 1/31/2011 Reserved Phil and Judy Osborn
This guy has tons of soft wool goes back to the black Germans and out of a doe from Abundant Acres in MD. Weighs right around 10lbs proven breeder.

 Dusty's Petros DOB 2/10/2012 $100 Sold thanks Missy!
Very nice little guy I would like to see more strength in his shoulders but if I didn't have both parents and his sister he would be staying to sire babies.  Lovely soft wool very nice density.  I think this guy has perfect texture!  At 6 months he wights 9lb4oz so should have no problem making Sr weight. Bred to a Giant his babies will be pure!

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God Bless

Monday, August 20, 2012

That was fast!

I sent 2 batches of roving to the mill a week ago and I have already got it back!  I had sent my llama Ggama's last 2 fleeces and a Shetland Alpaca blend to Stonehedge to be processed and it came back today.  As some of you know llama is my FAVORITE fiber so I have been busy spinning that already.  The last llama roving I had done I have been hoarding in my stash and still have not done anything with what yarn I have spun from it.  Sometimes I just like to pet it like a good hoarder does LOL.
This is the llama which I have started spinning on my ol' trusty Ashford, gotta love this wheel!  Ggama has a very fine fleece with little guard hair and this spins like a dream.
70% Shetland 30% Alpaca very soft and should be lovely to spin.
This is the batts I have been working on carding on my drum carder.  Shetland lamb fleece and llama.  This llama is more textured so the batt is not as soft and my llama roving but I am still happy with it and think this will make some lovely yarn to use for shawls or other drape garments.  Both rovings are for sale and priced $3.00 an oz.  Contact me at if your interested in any.  God Bless!