Thursday, September 27, 2012

Unsure Territory

I have not posted anything for a while so I thought I would do some thinking out load (or in type) for all you to read to see whats going on in my life.  I have working on cutting down on the amount of rabbits in my barn my goal was 12 from about 35.  All the American Fuzzy Lops went home with my dear friend Pam and her husband the other Sunday and I have a couple more rabbits spoken for just not picked up yet.  I went ahead and bred a couple of does either for a color I wanted or a buck I have sold and wanted one last litter from. 

As you know I have been working on Black Giants for some time now and I am getting some REALLY nice rabbits type and wool wise I still need to work on color a little more to get the depth I really want but I am very pleased with how the rabbits are doing.  However I am really loosing the interest in them I had when I first got my rabbits.  I dont show anymore and maybe that's part of why I am loosing interest.  I mean I miss going out and see everyone and I do like some friendly competition and I have made many wonderful friends.  I do not miss the expense of traveling to shows and all that jazz sometimes I miss grooming but more times than not I do not miss that either.  I have been working more on the fiber aspect of my angoras and doing pretty well at it I dont spin as much pure angora as I should but I dont spin as much as I would like right now either.  That should change in the winter time.

I am not sure in what direction God is taking me right now but I feel the need to free myself up some more maybe take some more clutter out of my life. I know God has something in store I just dont know what that is right now.  God Bless please pray for God to lead my heart and for me to make the right decisions for His will in my life.