Saturday, October 30, 2010

Its been so long.....

It have been so long since I have posted anything for my friends to read. I am soo sorry for neglecting my blog for so long. Its been kinda crazy around here but hopefully with cooler weather comes more free time. We have the barn done and a small lot built in front of the barn but have not been able to get the pasture fenced in since the ground has been so hard because of lack of rain. The few holes we have had to dig for the pen and in the barn have taken a couple of days we dig a little then fill the holes full of water over night dig again and repeat. So if we dont get some rain soon it will be spring before we are able to do any fencing.

Today Mom and I went to Salem IN and picked up 2 Angora wethers.

This is Bobby and Billy.  Bobby is the one in front, Billy looks more like a Buck then a wether since he was wethered late in life.  I am hoping that wont affect his fleece too much.  Bobby's fleece I think is going to be really nice but I truely dont know a lot about Angora goats so will have to wait till spring when I can shear and spin some it.

In these 2 pics you can really see how stout and buck looking Billy is.  I was originally going to name them Bobby and Buddy but Billy still has some of that billy goat smell going on so I called him Billy instead.  I am really hoping that goes away now that he has be cut so if anyone knows for sure please let me know.

I have 3 litters of babies bunnies as well I need to get pics of them posted.  They are all part of my Colored Giant projects.  2 litters are Tans and Otters and the other I was hoping for blacks but all the colored babies are going to have white spots so if anyone stays it will be REWs.  Hope you enjoyed the pics of the new kids I will try to not let it be so long before I post again.  God Bless Dustin