Friday, September 23, 2011

How Stella got her groove back!

We have been thinking about getting an LGD to watch over the sheep since I am to trusting in the llamas ability to keep coyotes and dogs out.  I was going to look at some pups on Tuesday but found an Anatolian Shepard a lady was giving away.  God always provides just in time!  So this is Stella our new guard dog, right now she is not allowed to be out with stock alone I took her out today on a line so I could keep her with me.  She was so strong I had to wrap the line around me to keep her from pulling it out of my hand.  She is defiantly happier out in the field with the flock than she is in in the barn alone.   She is very playful which is why the lady wanted to find her a new home.  Once the puppy stage is over and she learns not to play so much she should be fine.  Until then though she will just get supervised visits, so this is how Stella gets her groove back.  She is only 10 months old and HUGE!  Hope you enjoy the pics!  God Bless

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bailey and Bruno

Well I said I would try to post pics of some of my black Giants but I have not seemed to take any pictures yet.  I did however get some pics of my Boxers Bailey and Bruno.  Bruno has not been on the blog before that I can remember.  He is a full brother to Bailey but from a different litter.  The lady never had his tail docked so he is all natural so to speak.  Other than him going to see the vet Friday to be neutered.

Bruno loves his toys and will pull almost everyone out of the box to play.  He plays with toys more than Moses and Bailey combined.

As you can see he sure does love his sister!  She loves him to unless there is food involved LOL.  All 3 of my kids (dogs) have middle names.  Moses Matthew after my little brother Matthew Charles.  Bailey Marie just cause the way I liked the way it sounded.  Bruno is named after my mom her middle name is Dawn so I named him Bruno Donly.  Hope you enjoyed the pics God Bless!