Sunday, June 26, 2011

My findings.... His truth!

Back in April I posted about somethings that have been going on in life and things I have been struggling with.  I was on a mission to find His truth because I was torn in two and life was not going so well.  Well since then life has been crazy in many many ways.  I have done some stupid things but they reminded me of why I left those things to begin with.  I wanted to be sure to share with all you who read my blog about my findings, I couldn't just leave you wondering what has happened.  The big topic of my other post was my sexuality and how it felt to be someone going through such things.  I was unsure if it really was a sin if it really was something Christians should try to turn them selves away from.  Or if it was part of God's plan for us and was perfectly ok, the same a man and wife.  Well I can tell you without a doubt now that I know it is not the way God meant for us to live our lives.  He designed the world in a far better way.   I have been to a Gay Ministry meeting and spent many many hours searching websites and comparing them to what my Bible says and to the Strongs Concordance.  I have talked with two separate Pastors about this, and at one point I thought I knew it was ok and God had made me this way.  It did not take long before I seen how wrong I was.  I almost walked away from my Church altogether.  It's easier to try and justify it than do whats right and turn away from it.   So I would like to go through a verse and see what it means.

  Romans 1:27   And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.

This is more than likely one of the first verses most people come to when talking about homosexuality.  God made man and woman to work together just the way he made male and female animals.  It is natural for a male and female dove to be together and bring forth life.  The same way it is natural for a man and woman to be together.  If I was to leave the natural use of the woman that would mean I was leaving God's plan for my life.  There are more scriptures in the Bible about this but I will only cover this one for now.  If anyone wants to know more about the others feel free to contact me any time.

Now we can say Paul wrote this section of the Bible but Christ never spoke against this sin in all his teachings and Paul was only a follower of Christ.  Well Jesus Himself did not write the Bible, God moved people to write and they wrote what He lead them to write.  So if we are going to go that route than ALL of the Bible is fake because Jesus never wrote any of it with His hands His disciples wrote the New Testament and Profits wrote the old.  If we try to pick out what parts we don't like then HOLE Bible is lost. 

So if this is against God's plan why are there so many people out there who struggle with it? Were people really born feeling this way?  Satan uses anything he can to attack us and pull us away from God.  He is using this sin just the same as he uses any other sin to keep us from Christ and finding Eternal life and rest in God our Father.  Every single person on this earth has a sin or many sins that they have to fight on a daily basis.  This is the same exact thing, satan trying to pull us down.  I do not believe that or rather should I say I know that people are not born this way.  So why do people feel this way?  Well I believe there are several reasons.  If people are molested or have a traumatic experience, grow up with out a father or mother.  All this things can lead to some one having these desires.  The same way that a drug addict is not born a drug addict.  Something happens in that persons life and they turn to drugs and then get hooked.  This is the same thing and just like drugs or drinking we need to turn to God and find His strength to turn away from it.  This is just a quick update and I can give more insight on the subject if anyone would like to know more.  My email is Now all this being said I still feel that is not ok to act as though gay men and women are less then any other person.  We are all sinners who need God to free us from our sin.  We are all created equal!   Instead we should love them to Jesus and help them find eternal life and rest of a weary soul.  God Bless Dustin

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Work Room

We have been very busy the past 2 days cleaning up the "catch all room" and switching it and my bed room.  My bed room was bigger so we traded rooms to have be able to fit everything neatly and still have some place for me to work on all my wool stuff.  I am very pleased with the results!  I have a much smaller room but all my fiber stuff is in other room all set up.  Other than I my wheel which is still in my room since I borrowed my friend Joyce's  loom to see if I like it.  Here are a couple pics from the work room.

This is my work table with all my knitting books, yarns, some of my personal spinning fiber. dyes and all that good stuff.  On the table are some Mohair locks I am going to wash and dye.  The totes underneath are full of Angora and alpaca.
My drum carder which is beside the big table.  Also sitting on this table is my last batch of Goat Milk Soap I made.  Will be ready for use in another month.
Another view of my work table.  My TV and everything is beside it as well.  On the other side of the room is a shelf with dyed wool on it drying and bags of raw fleeces I need to get washed.   There is also a spare bed in this room.  No mattress on it yet so I have another box of wool, mostly llama, and a yet another tote full of alpaca.  My goal before shearing in the spring is to get everything I have either carded in batts or roving or have spun we will see what happens.  I have wool off at 2 mills right now and more to go out soon.  Not seen in these pics are still 2 Rubbermaid storage units on wheels with my needles and more spinning wool.  I think I am a hoarder!  In my defense they are both small units though LOL God Bless!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Busy weekend

This weekend was the Hoosier Hills Fiber Fest.  Since I joined the Indiana Fiber Producers Association I went to help with that booth.  It was HOT for sure but Saturday was the worst.  Had a really good time but of course forgot to take pictures I did take my camera but never got it outta the car.  I ended up trading a Choc Giant cross buck for a French Angora doe.  The only French in the barn, and the only reason she is in the barn is because her color is fantastic!  I am really not sure what color she is and will try to post pics later.  I forgot to get them while I was out taking pics of the lambs.  I traded some yarns for some llama fiber, picked up a lap loom, and a drop spindle.  I have 2 ladies wanting to learn to use a spindle so now I can teach them easily.  Pam K has bought a Border/BFL lamb from the lady I got my Finn and Cormo crosses from.  She while I was helping her get her lamb I ended up buying another Finn Cormo cross ewe lamb.  Since I was in my SUV I had to put her in my back hatch.  It didn't take long as she was over the back seat then over the front and in the floor board in the passenger side.   The people working the drive through at Hardee's got quite a kick out of her.  Since I had to hauler her around in such a way I think I will name her Miss Daisy.  Like Driving Miss Daisy LOL.  Here is  a pic of her.  She is eating a blade of grass is why she looks so funny she really is not deformed or anything. 

 Dad mowed the pasture yesterday while I was out playing so now when you go out you can see the sheep so I got some updated pics of my lambs.
This is Truth black lamb in front and Victory who turned into a Moorit THANK YOU JESUS!!  The ewe behind them is their mother they are nearly as big as she is now.  She also gave me my favorite fleece fleece this year, I just got it washed.  My plans were to keep Truth for a ram but Dad really wants to buy a Cormo ram, and how do I argue with that?  Have you ever felt a Cormo's fleece?

Dorthy still not sold on her fleece will have to wait and see.  Ewe lambs wont be bred this fall so we got lots of time to see which way she goes. 
This little guy does not have a name because I know he wont be staying here. Him, Truth and Victory are always out.  Here is in the pasture with the horse and 2 steers.  God Bless and try and keep cool!