Monday, November 30, 2009

Sheep Talk!

There has been some talk around the house about getting some sheep for both wool and meat. It is not something that will happen soon because I will have to build a small barn and fence off part of the pasture for grazing. I am only wanting 3-4 sheep that would include a ram and a couple ewes. That will give more wool than I need so would have some for sale and give us lambs to put in the freezer. I am thinking Babydoll Southdown sheep A small easy keeping sheep that will still give plenty of fine wool for spinning and enough meat for the 3 of us and a lamb or 2 to sell. I will know more once I spin some Southdown wool that I just finished washing. I have been saying for along time I wanted Rambouillets but they are rather large so would need more grazing room, and would give way more wool than I would ever need. Another possibility would be Icelandics or Cheviots but the Cheviots I have been around were always kinda crazy so I don't see that one happening at all. Thinking all kinds of thoughts about sheep and barns right now. God Bless!

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Guess who got another new hound? Well Dad brought him home but I was quick to snatch him up and give him a name :) This is Ranger who came to live with us a couple weeks ago.

While I was plucking a goose he thought he would lay down and take a nap in the feathers. Ranger is part Walker and part English Red Tick, he looks all Walker. Just like Molly is very spoiled and I let him come in the house to hang out as well. Mom is never very happy with my hounds in the house.

This is a little English Angora if you look close you can see it in all the wool. Not sure the sex on this little guy yet.

Its the first English born in my barn in a long time. English were the first angoras I had but I had sold them and my other breeds to make more room to work on my Giants. The mom was a rescue but for some reason has special place in my barn, maybe its just her color since she is an opal. The father my friend Joyce gave me he is half Denantz lines which is Debbie Eldridge where I got my very first Angora. God Bless hope you all had a very wonderful holiday!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Got it made?

This is Moses in his usual position taking it easy. The things we do for our pets LOL. While we are out working making a living they are at home having the life.

Here is Molly the only Coonhound that I can ever remember being in the house at all. She runs in looks for snacks that Moses has left on the floor and try to woof them down before Mom kicks her out. I usually let her hang out for a bit I have kinda spoiled her.

Molly and I hangin out on the couch, see I do spoil her! LOL and while I am spoiling the dogs my mom is making me lemon cookies! Life is great God Bless!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Knits

Sorry its been a while since I have posted things have been super busy here between trying to get the barn clean with all the bunny issues, working overtime like crazy and then having internet issues. I have managed to finish knitting some fingerless gloves though. Super easy and fast to knit I used 9" circs to knit them on instead of DPNs. Clover makes them if you wanna find any. Here is a pic of the gloves.

The blue is a Cormo Angora blend and the grey is pure angora from a black German French cross. Will try to post again soon if the internet is still working! God Bless you all!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bible Versions

I have posted before about how I prefer the King James Bible over all other versions of the bible here is a link I found that supports my beliefs if you would like to take a look God Bless hope your all having a wonder full week!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Red Fawn Breeding Program

Since I posted pics of some bunns for sale out of my breeding program I thought I would post a couple pics of bunns I will be keeping for breeding. I have found that breeding for fawn/red is not an easy thing to do since you need 2 "e" which is a recessive so you get a lot of carries. I have been lucky enough to get 1 red buck, 1 fawn doe and a buck and doe that are both agouti and carry "e".

This is a 50% German doe out of my latest litter. She is a litter mate to the ones i have for sale. I have yet to name her. She was to busy lookin around and trying to jump off the table to get a good picture.

Dusty's Archie a 50% German buck brother to above doe. I really love this little guy and cant wait to see what kinda babies he throws.

Dusty's Mable a 40% Fawn doe. This pic does her no justice she has the nicest fawn color with very little smut and very nice creamy fawn color. I wish they all looked this nice. I did not get a picture of Simba I have posted his pic before but his furnishings are all trimmed short and he looks kinda funny right now. God Bless I pray you all have found Salvation in Jesus Christ!

Monday, November 2, 2009

German Cross Angoras For Sale

50% German Angora bucks one is a chestnut agouti and the other is a wild gray agouti. These 2 little guys are out of my fawn/red breeding program so both carrie "e". Asking $25 each

This doe is a sister to the above bucks a very nice wild gray agouti that also carries "e". If your thinking of adding any agouti or "e" carriers to your herd speak quick I just may keep this girl. Asking $25

Above is an 83% German doe, she is currently clipped so this is an older pic. She was born 5-29-09 a very nice doe as well but I have her sister and both parents so I can let this one go. Asking $40 You can contact me with any interest or questions at God Bless!