Thursday, May 28, 2009


Annette sent me the pattern link for the felted purses she has made. They are an easy knit that does not take much time at all and will make great gifts for the girls in the family. I had to man it up a little LOL making a purse is not exactly the manly thing to do but neither is knitting and spinning. I aint the only guys that does these things thou there just is not very many of us. Thats good thou more attention form the ladies for all of us LOL. So back to the purse, I used orange BL and gray Shetland yarn and added a flap to make it look more like a messanger bag. Here is a pic of it before I felted it. Here is one after I felted it.I have been spinnig alot lately since almost all the rabbits are cut down right now and I have yarn hanging everywhere. I have been saving all my angora brushings and spun them all up together the other night. Looks really good with chestnut white red and black wool all spun in one yarn. Once I get the twist set I will take a pic and post for everyone to see. God Bless keep those bunns cool!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hard at work!

This is what the bunnies have been up to the past couple of months 5lbs 2oz of yummy goodness!
Since I don't make it to many shows I have been working on wool production. This is what I have collected since the last time I sold my wool the end of Jan or Feb. The big bag is all white but there is also some black, chestnut and a little Sable FA. I saved some red FA and I dyed some GA pink for myself to spin. I found I have been breeding for body type too much and ignoring density so I have alot of work to do before everyone is producing like they should be. A lot of judges pay more attention to body and less to wool when our standard says the opposite I guess I have been to.

There are still 4 more bunns in the barn that will need cut down next month if I can keep coats that long so I am thinking of finding a fleece to blend some of it with, which means more dying! Hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend God Bless.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Its been a while!

Its been forever since I posted something for you guys! So much has happened since then but I will try to keep it short. I finally made it to Ohio to see the ladies at the Mini Convention I traded bunns with Janet, she gave me the cutest little fawn doe in the world I promise I will get a pic soon she is growing fast and is very sweet. I got some red FA from Lisa for my Fawn Giant project had have 2 litters on the way cant wait to see what colors I get there.

This weekend was my show in Columbus IN! We had a Specialty show and 2 open shows and I even showed this weekend makes 3 shows this year. Now all the bunns are getting cut down. We had enough for legs in each breed even Giants. In the Specialty Kathy Obrakta won BOB French, Irene Martin form Ohio BOB Satin, Jeanie Ruedger BOB English and I got BOB Giant. Kathy went on to win BOS in the Specailty. I think results for the next 2 shows were about the same other than Sharon Mays taking BOB with a very nice Giant doe in the second she should have won in the Specialty too check this girl out!Here is a pic of our judge Donyelle juding Eglish AnograsHere she is judging Satin Angoras and Sharon in the back ground.

Judging French Sharon in the background
Judging Giants! GO GIANTS!!!!
Donyelle is one of our newest judges and is doing great! We were very happy to have her judging the specialty for Angoras this weekend and I look foward to her judging my breed again. Well that is how God has blessed me in the last couple of weeks hope your have been blessed to!