Friday, October 12, 2012

German Crosses For Sale

I have 2 German crosses available

Dusty's Gizmo 42.75% German DOB 5/31/12 he a black who carries "ej" if anyone is interested in Harlequin angoras. He has awesome texture and tons of wool. $25
Sorry for the dark pic it was taken with my cell phone

NW Jesters Boy 23% German DOB 5/17/11 JB is a Harlequin and sire of above buck. I had planned on using him to start a Harlequin line of my own but I am having to cut back on my angoras and no longer have time to take on this project. He has perfect texture and good density. $40

God Bless
located in Southeastern Indiana 47227

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Little House

Tonight I have been watching Little House on the Prairie one of if not my all time favorite shows.  Yes its out dated but I believe it shows how people really should act and treat each other.  No one is perfect everyone has their issues but still they love thy neighbors.  Tonight's episodes are the ones about Albert being addicted to morphine, I have a hard time with this one because I can relate so much to it.  It has even brought tears to my eyes because I know what its like to think you have to have something to function normally.  It's crazy how shows made about a time way before us can somehow relate to how we live or things we have gone through in our lives.  After they find out bad Alberts addiction is his father takes him to a friends cabin to go through withdraws and cleanse his system.  At one point he is begging his dad to just give him a little just enough to take the pain away.  He asks his dad "why are you doing this to me" Charles responds " You did this to yourself, you put this poison in your body".  Then Charles picks him up like a small child and carries him back to the cabin.  You know our heavenly Father does same thing to us.  So many times we make a mess of our lives and when everything is going wrong He picks us up and carries us back to the place we need to be get it right again.  Charles stayed with Albert the whole time he was going through withdraw holding him while he couldn't sit still and wiping is face after he got sick.  Jesus does the same thing for us He has for me many times throughout my life as a Christian and even leading up to being a Christian.  So many times we get carried away with the things of this world and the things we think will bring us joy and happiness and every time Christ is there to pick us up and put life back together for us. When Albert is finally starting to feel better and sits at the table with Charles to eat some dinner he looks at Charles and tells him how scared he is because he knew if he was alone and there is drugs there he would do them.  He tells his dad he does not know how he is going to make it when Charles leaves him.  In this moment just like with God Charles tells him I am not leaving you your my son I will never leave you.  To me this speaks volumes about how God works in our lives.  We fall we fail and we get carried away with stupid things from time to time but no matter what He never leaves us.  It is amazing the things He does in our lives and the ways He has changed mine.  I pray He works in all of your lives the way He does mine even when I make mistakes and even when I get carried away He is there to carry me back to place I need to be get life right. 

Here is another movie from Lifetime called Bringing Ashley Home that I also relate to very strongly.  The ending is not as happy but I can still understand and relate to how this young girl feels and the things she is going through in life.  I know I have talked about my past life many times and mention some of my struggles here from time to time and I pray you don't get sick of reading me pouring my heart out because I believe that God has brought me through all this for a reason and He tugs on me heart from time to time to share with all of you.  You see just because its part of my past does not mean I don't struggle with it still.  There are days I still want to get my fix and let go of everything.  At times I still want to get tore up or 3 sheets to the wind because at those times it's easier to be myself and not care what other people think or what they may say.  At those times I could totally lay it all out and not have to worry about your rejection.   At those time I let down all walls and feel accepted.  The key here is though with God I can feel accepted and loved be myself and not worry about rejection.  We spend so much time searching and trying to find what we need to be hole when He is always there waiting for us to join Him.  God bless all you and thank you very much for listening to my rambling thoughts.