Thursday, March 29, 2012

Chestnut Giants

I thought I would post a couple pics of my 4 Chestnut Giant babies there are also 4 black bucks in this litter.  As you can see I quite taken with the Chestnuts.  I love the color and hope to add a few more to my barn.

Top 3 are bucks in the order I would place them at this age.  They are still pretty young so it would be easy for this to change.  The first 2 are so close its really hard to tell.  I had thought I have 2 does and 2 bucks but one of them changed their minds and wanted to be a boy.
This is the little doe I am keeping I believe.  She soo did not want to pose at all and was in a mood tonight as well.  Thats why she is the one I believe I am keeping if she turns out to be a brat she wont be sticking around.  All the bucks are sweet as can be and so is momma so hopefully she will out grow it.  I also took pics of the 4 black bucks tonight who are DARK black but I will try and post pics later of them.  God Bless!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mission Work

It truly has been a busy month so far!  I have started shearing the sheep but after 5 my clippers broke, just my luck!  After all the issues I have had with them I just ordered a new pair from Premier and they should be here shortly so I can finish up. If I could find someone close enough I would have them do the shearing for me but no luck getting anyone to call me back.

About every weekend this month I have had some teen activities at Church other than the one weekend I went to some concerts with some friends church and some of their teens.  Last weekend we went up to Indy for a Teen rally which ended up being very small since so many were on Spring break.  We only took up 9 kids I think which is very light for us.  However we did have a very good time and hearts were touched.

This weekend was a special blessing, the teen group had made a challenge to the adults to see who would have more volunteers show up at the new Mission work in Brownstown IN.  A guy who goes to my church is starting a new church in Brownstown and today we went up to help them re-due the building they had donated to them.  There was only 9 teens again today but we beat the number of adults from our church so the kids did a great job!  It was awesome to see some of them working so hard to help build a new church as well.  One of the coolest things though is that the Macedonian Missionary Service has came up to help build the church.  They have completely gut the building and started rebuilding it.  I was able today to help some with siding which I have never done before.  I also worked with Brant Lane which was a special blessing to me as he and his other workers go all over the place building churches and helping in any way they can.  I have heard him preach before but this was the first time I have actually met and worked with him.  They were a huge help in building the church I belong to with the building and the new parking lot we have in the works as well.  He was a super nice guy to work with and took the time to explain things to me so I was able to help them.  There was another guy named Paul who works with him who I also was able to work with and talk about funny!  He always had something to say.  All in all God really blessed this weekend and this month!  I have had a some really good times and am really looking forward to some of the things we have planned in April to do with the teen group.  God Bless!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Martin and Marigold

I came home from work today went straight to the barn and found these 2 little cuties! 

Top pic is Martin and bottom is Marigold.  She is a very dark choc color with the same markings as her mother.  I have seen Marigold nurse and do a number 2 but not Martin yet.  Both seem to be strong and doing well and Mona is a very attentive mom. 

I am hooked already on these 2!  Hopefully the sheep start lambing in a month but may stretch out for some time I am afraid the Cormo cross ram did not do the best job covering ewes (he is a bit young) so I put the Shetland ram in with his bunch to get them all but will be late lambs on the ones missed by the first ram.  God Bless!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Baby Pics

I took advantage of the warm weather tonight and clipped some rabbits and got a couple pics of the Chestnut Giant Angora babies.  This was a fun picture to take everyone bouncing all over while trying to get pics.

There are 2 does and 2 bucks I am hoping to keep one doe myself.  There are also 4 blacks in the litter.  I clipped Dusty's Amazon Woman tonight and bred her as well.  She gave me 8ounces of prime wool about 4 inches long she weights a whopping 11.5 lbs!  Sorry for the dark pic it was getting darker out when I got her clipped. 
Hope you enjoyed the pics and everyone made it through the tornadoes that came through over the weekend.  They were 30 minutes south of us but where they did hit it is very bad!  God Bless!