Monday, September 28, 2009

Ol' McDustin has a farm!

It is amazing how much the good Lord has blessed me! On top of my salvation I have been blessed with wonderful family, friends, and lots of critters! I thought I would show you just a couple of the blessings God has gave me. There is no way I could ever list them all.Roo my labMoses my shadow.The geese follow me around while I do my feeding and like to check out the bunns. They even talk to me I say "Goose goose goose" and they say "HONK HONK HONK" LOL I ain't right I know.My turkey, that should make you laugh! P.S. The knee is alot better and I have been off the crutches for over a week now!These little guys came to live with us lastnight. I traded 5 laying hens for 25 Cornish Rock Cross chics that will be put in the freezer.Pekin Ducks and some of our laying hens. There are still more critters that have been on the blog before that I did not take new pics of. Can you believe a few short years ago I only had a couple horses, its hard to believe now but I was a total different person at that time and in the last 2 years that has changed even more! All of that is only becasue God Himself came into my life and changed my heart. I think He was working on my heart even before I was saved and has freed me of many many things to help prepare me for my salvation and the many wonders He has planned for my life! God Bless all of you hope you enjoyed the pics of all my kids!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Charlestown Show

Yesterday was my first show of the season at Charlestown IN. Sorry no pics, I did take my camera but never thought to take any pics. Had a great time chatting with Kathy and Sue all day. Sharon and Iris was not able to make it this year so I hope to see them at another show here soon. Between the 3 of us all 4 breeds of angoras were there even though I only had one Giant doe with me :( Hopefully I will have a few more at the next show if I dont breed one of them, I have several people wanting Giant babies and I dont have any at the time.

Show A
English Angoras
BOB and BOS-Sue Jones

Satin Angora
BOB and BOS- Kathy Obrakta

French Angora
BOB and BOS Kathy Obrakta

Giant Angora
BOB Dustin Maschino

Kathy went on to win Reserve in show with an awesome lilac FA doe congrats Kathy!!!

Show B

BOB BOS Sue Jones

Satin Angora
BOB BOS Kathy Obrakta

French Angora
BOB BOS Kathy Obrakta

Giant Angora
BOB Kathy Obrakta

Sue brought a huge bag of Babydoll Southdown fleeces, and a little Llama wool. Kathy and I split the Babydoll wool but I was stingy with the llama, sorry Kathy!

I really enjoyed meeting up with and talking to all my rabbit friends and hope to see more of them soon!! God Bless!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Only me!

I manged to really do it this time! Anyone who really knows me is not surprised at all knowing I am an animal NUT! A little over a week ago I came home from church Sunday morning to find turkeys across from my driveway (not wild turkeys btw), later I noticed them walk by the living room window. I said, I am going to have those turkeys. I wait it out, give them some time to get to the barn, when I go out Moses is barking over by the round pen. All 3 turkeys are on the gate, I walk up and grab one put her in the chicken house, one jumps down the dogs chase it, the other jumps up in the tree. Not very high just high enough I think I can still get it. Here is where my swift thinking comes in LOL. I go to the barn and grab a ladder. I know I know what was I thinking! Get up the ladder almost to the turkey but it flies higher in the tree so I start to come back down the ladder, get halfway or so down and it falls. I land on my left foot feel my knee shift to one side and fall to the ground. So I lay on the ground for a bit and them hobble to the house. The Dr said I either pulled or tore the muscels in my knee. It has been swollen and pretty sore but is starting to get better now. I have not been using my crutches as much even though the Dr says about 2 more weeks I think thats a little extreme. So next time you see a turkey think of me! LOL Hope that made you all laugh, once I get back to myself I will post pics of a skien I dyed with onion skins! God Bless!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Dad's new hound

Dad and my older brother are really into coon hunting, they have the dogs and all the gear. I am not so much into it, went a few times but its just not my thing. When I was younger Dad always had Walker coon hounds, now my brother has Black and Tans so Dad has fallowed suit with Black and Tans as well. This summer they bred 2 of there dogs my brothers female and Dads male. Last week while at my brothers house to look at the kids rabbits I picked out which puppy I wanted Dad to bring home and I named her Molly surprisingly Dad liked my pick and my name. So here is little Molly, I am claiming her as my new kid! She was not to much into a photo shoot.Molly's first meal. She was a hungry puppy! God Bless have hope you enjoy your holiday weekend!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Had to share!

Found this video on you tube hope you like it! Here is a link since I could not figure out how to load the video here. God Bless!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Latest knits

I have mentioned before I like to knit hats. They are fast easy easy knits and I don't get bored with them before I have finished. I will admit I do have a project or two sitting around that I got bored with and have not picked up to finish yet. One of them is a really nice looking purse, its burnt orange BFL lambs wool and white mohair knit together. Looks pretty good and is super soft, but its just stockinette stitch so I got bored and put it down and have not picked it back up yet I really should finish that its not far from being done.

Here are a couple of my latest hats.The one one the left is CVM Alpaca I got form Lisa forever ago and the right is yak. The gray bands in them is the last skein I think of my first Rambouillet Angora blend. Both are knit in a 1X1 rib pattern. I like this one a lot better than my last pattern. God Bless hope your enjoying the cooler temps and getting ready for fall shows!