Saturday, July 23, 2011


This morning Joyce and I made a trip up to see Lisa and her daughter Hallie Thyr and I picked up a new Alpine Dairy goat.  This way I can stagger my breeding and have fresh milk year round.  Dad's small truck in broke right now and its been so hot to haul her home in the back of a truck in the sun and I really did not want to pull an 18ft goose neck trailer up there for one goat, so this is how she made the ride.
In the back of my SUV LOL  Here are a couple more pics of her once I got her in the barn.

So now I am either going to have to find me a buck to breed them to or find a closer breeder.  The lady that is going to breed Mona for me this fall is quite a drive, but I  really want some Toggenburg babies so will be worth the drive.  Dad is not a goat a fan at ALL but the good Lord blessed and I was able to get up there and get her in the barn without him knowing yet.  So maybe I will safe for a little longer.  You really never know what your going to see when it comes to me huh?  God Bless Dustin!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Mill Spun Yarn

My new yarn came back from Stonehedge Fiber Mill today.  I was so worried about how this would come back, I dyed the wool 2 shades of pink, violet, and periwinkle.  Must have done something right because it looks great!  I have to say I love my mill they have super fast turn around time and always do a great job.  This is Dorset cross lambs wool I got from a neighbor lady after I sheared her 2 lambs.  I had it spun worsted weight and in 250 yarn skeins.  These are for sale for $14 a skein email me at if interested.  Here are a couple pics I took out in the natural light.  God Bless!