Friday, December 28, 2012

It's been to long and rabbitry update

It have been way too long since I have posted anything for you guys to read.  I have turned into such a bad blogger.  Christmas has came and gone and I was very blessed to be able to spend time with my brothers they families and my moms side of the family.  Since I have posted last I have some new faces on the farm I need to post pics of soon for you.  I got 2 LGD puppies Roman and Ramona who are Great Pyrenees and Anatolian Shepard crosses.. They are very young yet but mingle with sheep well and are not afraid to bark at any noises they hear.

 My Blueface Leicester ram lamb Glen Rock came home in Oct from my friend Lisa at Somerhill  Farm.  I ended up putting both rams together with the ewes this year.  So I will have a mix of lambs from the Cormo cross ram and from the BFL.  I did see Glen Rock breed my favorite Shetland ewe so I am very excited to see those lambs. 

As far as the rabbits go I have been cutting down a lot and now only have 8 Angoras that are mine, 1 that belongs to a friend and a couple waiting to picked up yet to go to their new homes.  I have kept my 2 Chin French Angoras, a Harlequin German cross and some Giant crosses that are black and 2 Agoutis.  I only had one litter this fall and was hoping for Chins but none I did end up keeping a Sable buck out of that litter.  It was a surprise my Chin FA buck carried sable.  At the moment I am torn if I want to breed or not, I have been thinking of shifting focus to FA so I can have the colors I want like Chestnut and Chinchilla that will keep their color well and be very easy to manage.  I dont show because of all the work the coats take but the FA would be less work if I wanted to show them.  I do dearly miss showing as well!  Since I have been missing showing I picked up a couple of Himalayan so if all goes well I will be at a couple shows with them starting is Feb.   That is all for now but I will keep this updated more for all of you in the next year I promise! I am off on vac to Gatlinburg TN starting Dec 31 and super excited will have pics for you!  God bless and keep warm.

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