Friday, October 12, 2012

German Crosses For Sale

I have 2 German crosses available

Dusty's Gizmo 42.75% German DOB 5/31/12 he a black who carries "ej" if anyone is interested in Harlequin angoras. He has awesome texture and tons of wool. $25
Sorry for the dark pic it was taken with my cell phone

NW Jesters Boy 23% German DOB 5/17/11 JB is a Harlequin and sire of above buck. I had planned on using him to start a Harlequin line of my own but I am having to cut back on my angoras and no longer have time to take on this project. He has perfect texture and good density. $40

God Bless
located in Southeastern Indiana 47227

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  1. So pretty! Are you going to be at Corydon this weekend?